Daily Nation launches “NI KUSOMA NA KUDRIVE!” promotion

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One of the cars to be won

The Daily Nation wants to reward you for doing what you love doing which is reading the paper to find out all the latest news. They have launched a national promotion called “NI KUSOMA NA KUDRIVE!” Readers stand a chance to win cash and smartphones and vendors will also win cash.

The competition will run for 3 months starting from the 23rd of June to 27th of September. This competition will take a regional format which means that there will be winners from all over the country.

So let’s get to the important business which is how to win.

You will be required to buy a copy of the Daily Nation, fill in the coupon with details of the following:
• Name,
• ID/Passport number
• Contact details.
• Town
You will then be required to cut out the coupon and drop it off at the Nation Media offices.

The first mini draw is on the 1st of August so you need to get in your entries as soon as possible. The main draws are scheduled for 27th September, 2014 and will be carried out across 10 regions. These regions are: Nairobi, Coast, Nyanza, South Nyanza, Western, South Rift, North Rift, Central, Mountain and Eastern. All the cars will be won at this level.

The Prizes to be won by the lucky winners are:
• 10 Nissan Pickups.
• 3.5 Million Cash Prizes.
• 100 Smart phones
• Newspaper Subscription for 6 Months for 20 lucky readers.

You could be doing the happy dance when you win. So what you are you waiting for?

To find out more go to The Daily Nation Website.

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  1. hi? when filling a coupon isn’t a must you use your real town or where you currently reside?coz i came frm meru but i stay in kisumu,will it affect if i use kisumu

  2. when will winners in the mini draw awarded? because there are participants who won but has not yet been contacted.

    • The mini draw winners are being awarded. Them being many it is a slow process but they have currently awarded all of the winners from Nairobi who won phones and the whole country they have awarded 250 winners so far who got cash prizes. They are hoping to have paid all cash prizes by Monday next week and the phones the regions remaining are western regions, eastern and central which they are coordinating.

  3. I have not dropped my coupons since you said that deadline is 12th sept does it mean that am left out by minidraws?

    • As long as you haven’t sent in your coupons by the time a draw is being done it means that you cannot be eligible for that mini-draw. There are still other mini draws to come so don’t worry just make sure you drop your coupons as soon as possible.

    • According to the Nation they have said that they do not have one number with which they will call the winners. The winners will be called that same day as they are picked by the team that is conducting the draws in the various locations.

  4. You said promotion will run up to 26th sep 2014 but currently the coupons are not being printed in the newspaper.
    what is not happenning.

    • The mechanics of the promotion were such that while the promotion is running up to 26th, the coupons were last printed on September 12th and the drop offs deadline was on 15th. The main draw which will be on Friday and they will have all the coupons at one venue at each of the locations from which the winners of the pick ups and subscriptions will be picked.

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