Samsung launches new Camera smartphone – Galaxy K Zoom



Samsung has launched a new camera smartphone in the market. The new phone the Samsung Galaxy K Zoom is a a camera-specialized smartphone that blends advanced digital camera technology with the heritage of Samsung’s industry-leading Galaxy devices to offer a unique and sleek device.

This is a great device for those who love using smartphones to take and share pictures and videos with their friends and family on social media. The device is light, and fully functional. It has some great features which include:

  • Crisp and sharp pictures and videos
  • 10x optical zoom 20.7MP camera which works in low-light shooting environments
  • Retracting lens technology that makes it slimmer and less bulky
  • Optical Image Stabilization which reduces blur during camera movement
  • Selfie Alarm that allows users to take timed selfies with ease
  • Object tracking for a clear, focused shot of a moving subject

To support the great smartphone performance that comes with all premium Galaxy devices the Samsung Galaxy K Zoom is also equipped with a Hexa core, which is 1.3 GHz Quad-core and 1.7 GHz Dual-core, as well as outstanding power and performance for fast browsing, quick multi-tasking, smooth UI transitions and better gaming performance.

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