No crying over split milk really?



Today at lunch time I bought yogurt from Naivas Westlands. It was already slightly off. But you know how it goes. I bought it for lunch and I am like it is fermented anyway. Then I find small lumps. I remove them. Then I find a big lump of something. I don’t know what it is. At this point I give up.

Just tweeting Consumer Kenya to find out what the position on Dairy is. The expiry date says 31st August 2014. I usually check before I buy. So clearly the quality of the products are to be called into question. To be fair to Endoville I have never bought another yogurt that has gone bad or slightly bad. That is usually what I have found so many times with Fresha which is why I have moved to Endoville.


The problem with dairy products is that returning them to lodge a complaint is not worth the hassle. You cant keep it for another day to take it back and sometimes it is easier to get rid of it then take it back. Like now I will just throw it away. It is not worth the hassle to go back to Naivas with it.

I know this has happened to many of us. You buy milk, you bought it at the supermarket or kiosk and you have done due diligence only to boil the milk and you find it is off. Sometimes you have another packet of milk but sometimes you don’t. Or you have used many packets together and so you have lost out on a lot. Or you have put cereal in a bowl, you add the milk and find out that the milk is spoilt.

I would like Consumer Federation to tell us what our rights are in such cases. To be honest this yogurt was the last straw.

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  1. I had an issue with a certain brand of flavoured milk, when I bought2 or 3 six packs in thw space of a few weeks which all had spoilt milk.

    I emailed them, and got no answer. They also had a booth an a KICC event where I mentioned this to the sales ladies. They kind of acknowledged there was an issue, but nothing happened

    So I stopped buying that brand altogether.

    • The Consumer Federation needs to come out and tell us what our rights are in this case. Sometimes you try to engage a company whose’s product you have used and the product isn’t good and they ignore you. Sometimes though the customer care is amazing.

      Once I dealt with Proctor and Allan. I told them about an issue with my cereal by email. They called me back severally and brought a bigger replacement pack all the way to my office near Mlolongo. Now that is what I call customer service. I would not hesitate to use that brand because I know they care for me as a consumer.