Wachira Njuguna – an architect with a dream to better Kenya

Picture from the Daily Nation.
Picture from the Daily Nation.
Picture from the Daily Nation.

Wachira Njuguna was born poor but he decided that he would make it out of the slums. His dream was to be an architect, to design buildings that would be admired and stand the test of time. This was a dream that seemed so far fetched for a boy from Nakuru Bondeni Slums who was one of 8 siblings. But he kept dreaming, reading, drawing and working hard. He went to Flamingo Primary school before going to Njeri Technical High school where he was the top student. He then went on to Kagumo High school before being admitted to the University of Nairobi – Bachelor of Architecture ( second class Honours)

Wachira like many other university students was a hustler. There was no money for pocket money so he had to become an entrepreneur to survive. He would ferry and sell oranges from Marigiti Nakuru to Marigiti Nairobi. This background of working for himself made him realize that he did not have to work for a company in order to make a living. He ventured into advertising where he did signage for CocaCola around the country. He was also response for innovating senator containers for EABL and also using containerized banking units for Barclays Bank.

Wachira has naturally gravitated towards leadership. Wachira was also a student leader who Student leader who led the Release Political Prisoners (RPP) Caucus in the University fighting for the release of political prisoners. He later joined AAK as a youth member in campus and rose to become the chairman of the AAK Architects chapter. He was the Secretary General of the East African Institute of Architects for 2 years. Wachira was also appointed to be a board member of the Board of registration of Architects and Quantity Surveyors ( BORAQS) by the late Michuki when he was public works minister.

Wachira was the CEO of NHC where he managed to grow the pre-tax profit of the Corporation to Ksh 835 million, a level not achieved before. The Corporation is now in good financial health through his guidance and commitment to getting the job done right. Under his leadership the corporation managed to compete some delayed projects, including 300 units in Langata Tenant Purchase scheme, 280 units in Nairobi West and another 500 units in Makadara. He also launched a program to build 10,000 affordable houses within 2014/2015 financial year and the contracts for approximately 2000 units have been signed off. He also successfully jump started the NHC Mavoko factory.

Wachira is a man who has worked hard to get to the top. He has interests in Real Estate, Advertising and Architecture Consultancy. He went back to school to do a Masters in Business Administration from USIU and Columbia Business School. He has also done many private sector and government projects consultancy in architecture.

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