Play golf to get ahead in the business world



You have the right skills, talents, and appearance to go up the corporate ladder but you are stuck and can’t seem to go higher. Maybe you don’t have an important key element for getting ahead. That is the right connections. So how do you get the right connections to get you into the big leagues?

One of the easiest but also expensive ways is to play golf. From the time golf was invented by the Scottish sometime in the 1400’s it has been a favourite sport for many. Golf was so popular that King James 11 of Scotland banned the playing of golf and football because he felt that his archers were too busy playing to practice. Talk about taking security lightly.

The popularity of golf has grow in leaps and bounds as the rich and business people took to it as a way to relax, socialize and combine business with pleasure. Playing golf in Kenya is still considered to be an elitist sport because of the expensive membership fees and also the cost of the golf equipment.

playing golf

But if you have some cash to spare and you need to get to the next level here are some of the benefits of golf.

  1. You can meet people with whom you can do business. Check out this article Golf and business: Why golfers get ahead | The Economist.
  2. It helps combat stress. Getting out of the office, walking around and getting to hit some balls is calming.
    With all that greenery it is a welcome distraction from work and it allows you to clear your mind. The experience of nature helps one to relax. (Especially since you are not allowed to answer phones on the golf course or in the clubhouse as well).
  3. It is healthy. Walking around the course is good exercise and you will be able to stay fit. It is also good for your heart. Exercise, fresh air, and good company can promote good health.
  4. It teaches you patience. It takes time to perfect one’s shot so you have to be patient and practice.
  5. Golfing is good for fitness and allows one to put one’s hobby and lifestyle together.
  6. There is a spirit of friendly competition. There is a reason why it is referred to as a gentleman’s game.
  7. It is a game that one can start at any age, from young children to the very old. Once you start you can have a lifetime of enjoyment.
  8. It is a great family activity that you can enjoy with the whole family. By the time your children have grown they will have interacted with the who’s who of Kenya. Talk about creating opportunities for your children from the time they are young.
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