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Importance of Wine Clubs by Juliet Kanjukia

Though relatively new and emerging, the fascination and interest in wine and wine clubs is something worth noting. Kenyans are now taking an interest in wine tasting for various reasons including learning how to buy good wines, learning to pair wines with food, storage of wine and the all important skill of learning to taste wine. The culture of taking wines with meals is something that has become part of the lifestyle of some Kenyans especially when entertaining guests or having a party.

With the rise in number of wine clubs, perhaps it is safe to conclude that there are a significant number of individuals engaging in wine customs as such drinking, pairing, purchasing, cellaring and that are also genuinely interested in wine knowledge.

One of the wine clubs Marie Pierre has a wine tasting every month.

Apart from giving information on different wines and their evaluation, wine clubs offer wine enthusiasts a chance to learn what wines work for their palate which then enables them to find their ideal wine style; but that’s not the principle essence of a wine club.

With today’s consumer being very busy and not having time to engage their local retailer, wine clubs come in handy with their frequent gatherings over which the consumer can learn about new wines. One advantage that comes with joining a wine club is their personalized services. Coming from people who love and want to share their love for wine, it is, in most cases, a guarantee that you will get value off their wine stewardship.

Another importance of wine club membership is the access to a broader wine list at a cheaper price. Since most wine clubs will either buy wines in large quantities or will engage a group of specific wine dealers, the wines at the tasting are usually at a lower bottle price than would a local store. To the club members, this will translate to one of two things: discounted reorders or free shipping (sometimes both.)

Of-course with wine clubs, come the choice of membership – most of them are tailor made to fit within your budget and with considerable time-frames. At the end of it is an option to renew the membership depending on your experience of the club. As per your subscription tier, there are a number of benefits that would include wine club gifts and baskets, first-hand info on new wine releases and library wines etc.

This article is by no means comprehensive but the few pointers here should hopefully serve as a guide on why you need to join a wine club.

Article by Juliet Kanjukia. You can follow her on twitter at @KiyaaKanjukia

Here is a short guide to wine tasting.


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