Africa Trending is the new show you need to look out for!


Bloomberg TV earlier this month  launched a new show called Africa Trending which airs on Bloomberg TV at 7:30pm (British time). The show is targeted towards 25- 45 year olds who want to know the hot trends around Africa.  From culture to art, film to fashion, music, sport, literature and lifestyle, Africa Trending go beyond business to bring you Africa’s most talked about popular culture. Each week Savahna Nightingale will be taking you on a journey across the African continent, delving into the topics that are trending. They will be crossing Africa in search of the most exciting stories and inspirational people.

africa trending

From the African art that is influencing Western culture, the African fashion houses that are changing today’s catwalks, and the movies and directors challenging our views of Africa. In studio and on location, Africa Trending be bringing you the latest news and events plus interviews with Africa’s rising stars, sporting personalities and leaders that help define the spirit of Africa.

There aren’t any shows out there like Africa Trending at the moment which provides a niche for them. With social networking sites such as Twitter and Facebook becoming a popular platform for people to broadcast their views on certain topics and events, putting together a show about what’s trending on social networks keeps them current, relevant and topical.

On Bloomberg TV Africa, other shows being currently broadcast include African Business Weekly, Football Dynamics, Game Changers, The Africa Energy Report and The Shift.

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