As dreams dim


I wanted to reach for the stars,

I saw them up there so beautiful,

And they fueled my dreams,

Made me want to soar.

But then I was afraid,

My fear made me timid,

I was afraid to try,

I didn’t want to fall on my face,

I didn’t want to fall off the ladder,

Which I hadn’t yet climbed.

So I watched as others reached for the stars,

I saw destinies fulfilled,

And I was envious.

My mind was at war with my heart,

One wanted to run ahead

But the other restrained the restless one.

Soon I stopped looking at the stars,

They seemed so far away and unachievable.

I became compliant,

And decided that the stars were not meant for everybody.

Every day I dreamt less,

Until I did not dream at all.

My eyes lost their light,

And my eyesight became dim,

My life lost its flavour,

And soon I was living a mediocre life,

One day I died,

A failure, a sad, angry, and defeated individual,


Because I let my dreams die,

Too scared to reach for the stars,

Too afraid to reach for my destiny.

My tombstone read,

Here lies Average,

Here today, gone tomorrow,

Lived in fear, died in sorrow.

Raylitpoems 2012

This is your story, my story, our story. Sometime fear keeps us from reaching out for what was meant to be ours. We live in fear.   We need to reach out for the stars and keep dreaming. Keep making steps towards our dreams and one day we will find that we are among the stars. Don’t let fear turn you into an average person living without dreams and hope. A person’s whose achievements will be unremarkable and whose mistakes will be memorable. Keep dreaming keep moving.

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