Love thief


love thief

I want to steal it so bad,
Your heart it’s just sitting there,
Across the room in your handsome body.
You make me want to be a kleptomaniac,
To steal something that doesn’t belong to me.
Should I come over and say hi,
Then grab hold of your heart and run
Or should I linger
Do some surveillance
Make sure I can get away with stealing your heart?
I don’t want to get caught,
Because once I get it I want to keep it for life.
I want you to come looking for me.
I want you to know your heart will be safe with me.
I will protect this treasure,
This precious heart.
Let me come closer,
Do a con by distracting you,
Confuse you with a passionate kiss,
And run off with your heart.
Catch me if you can,
I won’t give you your heart back
But I might give you mine,
Yours sincerely the love thief.

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