Getting drunk on you!

Young couple sitting on the beach
Young couple sitting on the beach
Young couple sitting on the beach

I need this,
To spend time with you.
I feel like we have lost that spark,
Our love connection.
I haven’t seen you in ages,
Too busy paper chasing,
Seeking the glory!
See I met you when I had nothing to my name,
Now I am busy trying to get that name
And riches too because I don’t want to have nothing to bring to the table.
Because if I have money,
Then that walk on the beach can happen without me worrying about,
Paying back all the money I am spending to be with you.
I want to lie on the beach,
Sipping some non alcoholic cocktail,
Getting drunk on you.
Letting the fact that we are together calm me down,
Make me chill out.
I have been thinking about you with longing.
I miss you.
I miss us.
That special relationship we used to have.
I daydream about you in the office,
Wondering when I will ever see you again?
I smile that sweet sad smile of nostalgia.
I don’t know when I will see you again but it must be soon.
This long distance relationship is killing me,
Let us meet and make up you love of my life Mombasa.

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