Miss. Rainbow ‪#‎sanaachallenge


We are doing a five day photo challenge as Sanaa Book Club. Every day for 5 days we take a picture and write a story of 100 words about the item or person in the picture. It could be fiction or not. This is the story that should have gone up yesterday.


This is Miss. Rainbow, named that way because she is multicoloured. I got her at a travel meetup from a Mauritius travel agent last year.


Like many women Miss Rainbow is a multi-tasker. She is a pretty little thing to look at, she even has some lovely black hair. But she is also has another side to her, she’s not just a toy.


She is a set of markers in different colours. I can also use her hair to clean my keyboard. The person who invented this multipurpose Miss Rainbow must be a genius. Somebody give the guy a prize.

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