Are you really a nice guy or you are faking it?


nice guys

Have you ever meet one of those so called nice guys?

Maybe you have some as your friends or even relatives.

Or maybe you think you are a nice guy.

Many a “nice guy”  claim that they can’t get the girl because they are nice guys. The question is ‘because you are a nice guy does that entitle you to get the girl?’ I think boys have been deceived that just by being nice they should get the girl.  You are wrong people. There are other factors at play. There are people who wear the nice guy badge like a badge of honour but deep down are they really nice or they are trying to manipulate girls to go out with them?

Here are two great articles on why being a nice guy doesn’t make you boyfriend material. Why nice guys are rarely actually nice and I’m Sick of Feeling Sorry for “Nice guys.

The ultimate real nice guy is friendzoned.
The ultimate real nice guy is friendzoned.
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