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Jim met Zawadi at a wedding. He liked her but was too shy to say anything. Jim is Kenyan but works in Madagascar. He got Zawadi’s gmail and asks if they can chat on Facebook. Here is where the story begins in love letters.

3 days later. – Facebook CHAT
Charity Zawadi: Hi.
Jim Munene: Hi
Charity Zawadi: how are you?
Jim Munene: I am good. Thanks for accepting my friend request.
Charity Zawadi: yeah. So you’re in Madagascar. What do you do?
Jim Munene: I am a computer software engineer.
Charity Zawadi: ok
Jim Munene: you.
Sorry what do you do?
Charity Zawadi: I work in a bank as a customer relations officer.
Jim Munene: oh ok. How do you like the job?
Charity Zawadi: it’s ok.
Jim Munene: cool
20 minutes no activity
Charity Zawadi: just curious. Why didn’t you just get my number and call?
Jim Munene: I am abit shy and you were surrounded by all these guys. I didn’t know if you’d give me your number or I would crush and burn right there?
Charity Zawadi: ati you’re shy? There’s no way a shy guy can dance like that. Is that the line you use on chicks?
Jim Munene: I am serious.
Charity Zawadi: so you decided to send me an email instead?
Jim Munene: I couldn’t get you out of my mind so I decided to just try my luck.
Charity Zawadi: oh ok.
Jim Munene: can I ask a personal question?
Charity Zawadi: what?
Jim Munene: do you have a boyfriend?
Charity Zawadi: no. why do you ask?
Jim Munene: I don’t want to step on another dude’s toes.
Charity Zawadi: no there’s no dude.
Jim Munene: I think the men in Kenya must be blind. A beautiful rose like yourself unguarded. The men must be sleeping.
Charity Zawadi: I don’t date. Just got out of a heartbreaking relationship like a year ago. I don’t know if I want to get into a relationship ever again.
Jim Munene: sorry to hear that. I have to run but can we chat some other time when you’re free.
Charity Zawadi: sawa
Jim Munene: have a good day.


3 months later. – Yahoo messenger chat with webcam.
Jim Munene: Hi Charity
Charity Zawadi: Hi
Jim Munene: how was your day?
Charity Zawadi: it was good. Abit hectic during this time of December. Yours?
Jim Munene: mine was alrite. We are waiting for the office to close so that we can get some few days off?
Charity Zawadi: so you’re coming to Kenya for the holidays or staying there?
Jim Munene: I am coming to Kenya. Have a wedding happening just before Christmas. I also thought I would catch up on a few things.
Charity Zawadi: oh ok.
Jim Munene: so will I get to see you?
Charity Zawadi: eh see me as in?
Jim Munene: yap. I wanted to meet you. Maybe buy you that chocolate fudge cake that you said you usually have with Anne.
Charity Zawadi: we can do coffee.
Jim Munene: I will get to see that beautiful smile of yours in person.

She the lady of my dreams,
She smiles,
And my heart beats fast,
And I am sworn forever to be her slave.

Charity Zawadi: your making me blush? Are those the lines you use on all chicks or just me?
Jim Munene: just you.
Charity Zawadi: yeah right!
Jim Munene: what will it take to convince you that I am sincere?
Charity Zawadi: I don’t know.
Jim Munene: well I will work on it when I come to Kenya.
Charity Zawadi: best of luck with that.
Jim Munene: is that a challenge, a dare?
Charity Zawadi: No.
Jim Munene: Sawa. I will be around from the 23rd of December to 3rd of January.
Charity Zawadi: sawa.
Jim Munene: gnite
Charity Zawadi: Gnite.


The story continues in Love letters 4 – The love story Techie love.

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