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Jim met Zawadi at a wedding. Jim is Kenyan but works in Madagascar. He chats with Zawadi on Facebook. Zawadi has been hurt and does not want to get into another relationship. But she is warming up to Jim just a bit. Here is where the story begins in love letters.

Facebook chat
Charity Zawadi: sasa madam
Anne Mureithi: sema. What’s up?
Charity Zawadi: Munene is coming to Kenya for the holidays.
Anne Mureithi: ok. So are you excited? You guys have been chatting the last couple of months.
Charity Zawadi: I don’t know. He’s so sweet on the net. I could fall for him if I am not careful.
Anne Mureithi: he’s a nice guy. Give him a chance.
Charity Zawadi: I don’t know.
Anne Mureithi: what do you have to lose?
Charity Zawadi: I am still getting over David. I don’t know if I am ready to date again.
Anne Mureithi: Charity it’s been two years.
Charity Zawadi: I know. But my heart sometimes feels so raw and it feels like yesterday.
Anne Mureithi: I know David broke your heart when he cheated on you with his workmate. But it’s past and its time for you to get back on the love seat again.
Charity Zawadi: I don’t know. Anyway Munene is in Madagascar. I don’t want to do a long distance either.
Anne Mureithi: He’s not going to be there forever. His contract ends in 2 years.
Charity Zawadi: so in the meantime I am just supposed to do a long distance. I know you’re a romantic and believe in love. But sometimes love is not enough.
Anne Mureithi: just give yourself a chance to get to know him
when he comes. That’s all I am asking. I am not saying you have to fall in love with him and run off into the Madagascar sunset. Just give him a chance. After all there doesn’t seem to be a guy who interests you here. Admit it he makes you laugh.
Charity Zawadi: yes he does.
Anne Mureithi: so will you think about it?
Charity Zawadi: I will think about it!
Anne Mureithi: sawa.
Charity Zawadi: Gnite. Say hi to Jack.
Anne Mureithi: Goodnight babes.



Facebook chat
Jack Mureithi: I hear your coming home for the holidays?
Jim Munene: yes I am. Where did you hear that?
Jack Mureithi: from Anne who was told by Charity
Jim Munene: oh ok
Jack Mureithi: things must be serious. You don’t usually come home for Christmas.
Jim Munene: well I thought this year I could check in and take care of some shugulizis. I didn’t stay long when I came for your
Jack Mureithi: sema tu you’re coming to see Charity. From what I hear she is starting to warm up to you.
Jim Munene: really.
Jack Mureithi: I wish you the best. She’s a great chick but she has been hurt badly. Btw I was told to tell you by Anne that if you hurt Charity she will come after you.
Jim Munene: eh ok.
Jack Mureithi: let me know when your checking in I pick you up at the airport.
Jim Munene. Sawa. Badayes.

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