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Jim met Zawadi at a wedding. Jim is Kenyan but works in Madagascar. He chats with Zawadi on Facebook. Zawadi has been hurt and does not want to get into another relationship.  She likes Jim though, he makes her laugh and blush too online. They finally meet, will the sparks fly?  Here is where the story begins in love letters.

Facebook chat

Charity Zawadi: hey. I tried to call you last night you were muteja
Anne Mureithi: pole. We had gone out and decided to switch off our phones. Have some alone time.
Charity Zawadi: sawa.
Anne Mureithi: so how was the date?
Charity Zawadi: it wasn’t a date. We just meet for coffee.
Anne Mureithi: ok how was your coffee date lol?
Charity Zawadi: it was great. We hang out for hours at java. We were the last to leave. Munene is an interesting guy and he made me laugh. I haven’t had so much fun in such a long time.
Anne Mureithi: so he made you laugh.
Charity Zawadi: yap
Anne Mureithi: the dude is making progress.
Charity Zawadi: wewe stop reading your own things in what I am saying. By the way he gave me a present. A book of poetry. It’s really cool.
Anne Mureithi: a guy who writes you poetry and also gives you poetry. A romance made in heaven.
Charity Zawadi: ANNNNNNE!
Anne Mureithi: ok nimeachana na hio story. So what happened after that?
Charity Zawadi: he dropped me home.
Anne Mureithi: so did he kiss you?
Charity Zawadi: it’s like he wanted to but he didn’t. I was surprised because I wanted him too. So I was disappointed when he didn’t.
Anne Mureithi: definitely progress. So will you see him again before he leaves?
Charity Zawadi: I don’t think so. I have to go shags to see my grandparents so I won’t be around.
Anne Mureithi: sawa. Have to get back to work. Let’s talk later.

Chat on yahoo messenger with webcam 5th JANUARY

Jim Munene: Hey. Nimefika.
Charity Zawadi: Good I was worried abit when you didn’t communicate jana.
Jim Munene: I was so tired I crashed when I fikad home.
Charity Zawadi: ok.
Jim Munene: it was good to see you. Just sad that I only got to see you that one day. At least we got to talk on the phone.
Charity Zawadi: yap. Thanks for the poetry book.
Jim Munene: a beautiful book for a beautiful lady.
Charity Zawadi: stop your going to make me blush.
Jim Munene: so did you think about me?
Charity Zawadi: when?
Jim Munene: after we met
Charity Zawadi: was I supposed to?
Jim Munene: I hoped you would.
Charity Zawadi: really?
Jim Munene: Really!
Charity Zawadi: I did. I wondered something!
Jim Munene: what
Charity Zawadi: why you didn’t kiss me when you took me home?
Jim Munene: was I allowed to? I was trying to be a gentleman. Would you have minded?
Charity Zawadi: No.
Jim Munene: Damn I wish I could come back and kiss you. Make you dream and think about only me.
Charity Zawadi: is that what you want?
Jim Munene: yes. I want to be the only man on your mind. Like you’re the only woman in mine.
Charity Zawadi: I don’t know what to say.
Jim Munene: just think about it. That’s all I ask. I really like you. I know you have been hurt before. I can’t promise never to hurt you but know I would never do it intentionally.
Charity Zawadi: sawa.
Jim Munene: have a good day.
Charity Zawadi: you too.

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