Using OLX as a platform for fundraising for churches.


Wandia tried to think of what to do. She really wanted to give some money to the church to support the new building they were putting up for the children’s sanctuary. But she couldn’t see where she could get the money. Things were crazy at the moment, they had just paid the fees for the kids to go back to school, and they needed to pay rent. She felt terrible that there was nothing she could do. That Sunday night as she said her prayers she asked God to help her find a way to make a contribution to the building.


The next Sunday Wandia went to church. She had prayed about the whole issue during the week and knew that God would give a solution. Her church did not make people obligated to support church projects as some churches did but she felt a calling on her heart to do something about this issue especially because she had children.

During the announcements there was a group from OLX Kenya that came to give an announcement. They said that one could fund raise for different church projects by selling items which were not being used in the house. OLX would provide branded pledge books which congregants could pledge items to the projects. Once the items were sold they could submit the amounts to the church projects. This would help those congregants who did not have offerings or contributions to give in cash.

Wandia had an idea. She had a blow dryer, some baking pans and CD radio at home that she didn’t use anymore. She could sell those on OLX Kenya and get some money to support the Sunday school project. When she got home she downloaded the OLX app, took pictures of the items and posted them on OLX.

OLX Kenya has been going around helping churches to use OLX as a platform for Fundraising. OLX has so far have activated 80 churches in Nairobi over a period of 4 months. The activations started on May 19 2014. They have 10 brand ambassadors who visit 20 churches weekly.

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