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Jim meets Zawadi in Kenya and falls for her. He is based in Madagscar so he corresponds with her from there. They have been chatting on Facebook. Here are snippets of their conversations. The story starts here love letters.

From: [email protected]
To: [email protected]
Subject: Read this. I wrote this just for you

Fantasy Kiss.
When I kiss you,
May my essence be transfused with the kiss.
May my essence travel through your bloodstream and infect your blood.
I want to be a virus that infects you, That cannot be cured.
Let my kisses and touch be the only thing,
That can heal your fever and calm your body down.
I want to brand you with my kisses,
Brand you that you are mine and mine only. I want my kiss to intoxify you,
Make you high, get you addicted.
I want my kiss to be your alcohol,
Make you mellow, make your knees weak. My kiss should be your chocolate, sweet, So sweet you want more.
I want my kiss to make you burn hot like fire,
Yet in paradox make you cool down like cold water to a parched throat.
My kiss should be like a soothing balm, I want my kiss to be passionate,
Show you how much am digging you And how much I love you.
I want my kiss to be complex,
Yet a simple thing that does one thing,
Make you wish to make me yours.


3 months later. – Yahoo messenger chat with webcam. I week before Valentines
Jim Munene: Hey
Charity Zawadi: hey you. I missed you.
Jim Munene: really?
Charity Zawadi: yap. We haven’t talked all week. I missed our chats and your poetry.
Jim Munene: I hope that’s a good thing.
Charity Zawadi: yes
Jim Munene: that’s progress. Been thinking about you all week.
Charity Zawadi: ha ha is that something new? I thought you said I dream of you my fair lady or how did that poem go?
Jim Munene: are you dissing my poetry?
Charity Zawadi: no never. I love your poetry.
Jim Munene: ok. So what are you doing for valentines?
Charity Zawadi: nothing. Work then home.
Jim Munene: there’s nobody who is talking you out? These Kenyan men there is nobody who sees your beauty.
Charity Zawadi: I have been asked out but not interested.
Jim Munene: so what would interest you?
Charity Zawadi: a guy who makes me laugh and makes me feel safe.
Jim Munene: is there such a guy?
Charity Zawadi: yes
Jim Munene: so there’s no chance that I could maybe get you to go out with me?
Charity Zawadi: you want to go out with me/
Jim Munene: duh yes.
Charity Zawadi: well you do make me laugh and you do make me feel safe!
Jim Munene: were you talking about me?
Charity Zawadi: dude your slow lakini I forgive you?
Jim Munene: so if I came to Kenya you would go out with me?
Charity Zawadi: yeah.
Jim Munene: 🙂
Charity Zawadi: so what have you been up to?
Jim Munene: been busy with jobo. Gone to the outskirts of the city to do a project
Charity Zawadi: what kind of project……
Jim Munene: Can I call and tell you about it later. I need to run. Just seen a message from my boss.


The story continues here.

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