Easy taxi has innovative ways of making sure you enjoy your ride


Picture this .

You get into a taxi. Usually you have three options. Talk to the cab guy which I do because I have a regular cab guy, play with your phone and spend your time on whatsapp, twitter etc. which I do when with my regular cab guy but I do more with a relief cab guy because I don’t know what to say or sleep – which you cant do with a cab guy you don’t know. You could end up being dumped somewhere relieved of your possessions.

Easy Taxi have a better idea why not read. Easy Taxi and Story Moja have partnered together to develop a mobile library concept around the theme, ‘Where Books Go to Live’. Starting one neighborhood at a time, Easy Taxi, Story Moja, and visual artists Jackie Karuti and Meshack Oiro are seeking to give books a new home to thrive – inside of the taxis that move people day in and day out in Nairobi.

Easy Taxi is a mobile E-hailing application available in 30 countries. The app allows users to book a taxi and track it in real time.

Easy Taxi will spend 1 month in each neighborhood and for one day, a taxi cab will be installed with a mobile library that has a selection of different books. The target is to have 30 libraries installed in 30 days in 30 taxis in each neighbourhood. After this is accomplished, Easy Taxi will move on to the next neighbourhood. Every mobile library installation in every cab will be documented through photography and video that will later be shared with the rest of the world.


Passengers will have the opportunity to either read the book in the cab or take it home, however they must leave a book of their own behind in the taxi or, they have the option of bringing a book into the next Easy taxi ride they take.

The books will be held in beautifully designed book holders that are made to fit the back of any type of car. Each one will be made with a unique fabric.
Easy taxi is also partnering with Hellofood, and naked pizza to make your taxi ride an unforgettable one. They are giving away hellofood vouchers worth KSH 75O off your next naked pizza. All you have to do is look for a “pizza” inside the taxi, take a picture and share on twitter, facebook with the hashtag #HelloNakedTaxi. They will send you a Hellofood discount voucher worth KSH 750! You can use it to order a naked pizza of your choice. This offer is for a limited period so take advantage now.

If you attended the Storymoja festival you may have gotten a voucher with 300 bob off your first ride. Well that was just one of the things easy taxi is doing to catch your attention. Remember if you got one of those it expires on the 30th of this month so make sure you use it now.

How does Easy Taxi work?
The Easy Taxi service could not be easier to use: you simply download the app from either Google Play, App Store or Windows, and once you are registered you can request a ride from a nearby licensed driver. You can track them arriving to pick you up in real-time using the app so you know that you won’t be waiting to start your journey. You can even save your favorite addresses within the app for frequent rides and view your ride history. The mobile app is based on a user friendly system using GPS; the passenger will be able to arrive to their destination as fast as possible in the most safe and convenient way possible.

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