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Jim meets Zawadi in Kenya and falls for her. He is based in Madagscar so he corresponds with her from there. They have been chatting on Facebook. Jim is planning something for Zawadi that will knock her socks off for Valentines. Here are snippets of their conversations. The story starts here love letters.



Jim Munene: hey beautiful
Charity Zawadi: hey
Jim Munene: how’s your day been?
Charity Zawadi: its been good. Yours?
Jim Munene: good. Can’t stay long on chat. Have to run off somewhere.
Charity Zawadi: it’s easy.
Jim Munene: I got you something for valentines. Hope you don’t mind.
Charity Zawadi: I don’t mind. What is it?
Jim Munene: a package at a day spa on Valentines Day. You go get pampered and massaged etc. The things that you chicks do!
Charity Zawadi: Thanks. A man after my own heart. I could love you forever just for that.
Jim Munene: really.
Charity Zawadi: it’s an expression silly. But it could happen.
Jim Munene: I am already in love with you.
Charity Zawadi: but you don’t really know me.
Jim Munene: I do. We spend a lot of time online. I have gotten to know you pretty well. And don’t forget that first day you captured my heart.
Charity Zawadi: you believe in love at first sight?
Jim Munene: I never used to. But I think I am coming around.
Charity Zawadi: I think it’s the poet in you.
Jim Munene: do you think you could ever feel something for me? I know you were hurt but do you think you would seriously go out with me, not as a friend but a guy taking out a chick?
Charity Zawadi: are you asking me out?
Jim Munene: yes I am!
Charity Zawadi: that’s not something you do online? Come ask me personally and I will give you an answer.
Jim Munene: ok. But let me ask would the answer be yes?
Charity Zawadi: Yes.
Jim Munene: well you have just made me the happiest guy this side of Madagascar.
Charity Zawadi: ha you still have to find your way here and ask.
Jim Munene: now that I have gotten you to say yes it will be very hard to get rid of me.
Charity Zawadi: I know. You have been on my case the last six months since we started chatting.
Jim Munene: what can I say? I saw something I liked and I went for it.
Charity Zawadi: ummm
Jim Munene: have to run. Bye
Charity Zawadi: bye


Jim Munene: hey.
Charity Zawadi: sema
Jim Munene: I am sending you a valentine’s gift from Madagascar. Can you pick it up kesho at 6 pm from the airport?
Charity Zawadi: what is it?
Jim Munene: it’s a surprise.
Charity Zawadi: you don’t want to tell me what it is.
Jim Munene: I hope it will surprise you.
Charity Zawadi: ok. Do I get it from the counter ama?
Jim Munene: there’s a friend of mine coming down to Kenya so I am sending him.
Charity Zawadi: ok. Do I need to put up a sign or something? I
have seen that in the movies. Always wanted to do it.
Jim Munene: nah he knows how you look like he will find you. Just wait at arrivals.
Charity Zawadi: and how would he know that?
Jim Munene: I have a picture of you as my screen saver Charity Zawadi: oh really.
Jim Munene: oops you weren’t supposed to know that. Charity Zawadi: I am flattered.
Jim Munene: so I hope you will like your gift. Charity Zawadi: you’re spoiling me
Jim Munene: that’s what a man should do for the woman he loves Charity Zawadi: are you sure about being in love with me?
Jim Munene: yes I am.
Charity Zawadi: ok
Jim Munene: let me know whether you like the gift?
Charity Zawadi: I will.


From: charity zawadi [email protected]
To: Anne Mureithi [email protected]
Subject: valentines

Hey babes.

How are you? Hope your enjoying your holiday with Jack. I wish you were here so that I tell you in person what happened.
Remember how before you left I told you Munene said that he was sending a gift for me for valentines I should go pick it up. I did and got the surprise of my life. Guess what it was? A huge teddy bear. But that wasn’t the real surprise. So I get the teddybear from his friend then his friend tells me there was something else that Munene sent. That I should wait a couple of minutes. He asked me to wait at the coffee shop he needed to get his luggage.

I went to get some coffee. Then who do I see? Munene himself. I almost poured coffee on myself. He came and hugged me. I actually cried. It was so romantic. Munene is staying at a hotel so he went to drop off his stuff then he took me out to dinner. We talked and laughed. I felt like I was in a dream. I actually pinched myself to see if it was true. Then we went dancing and it was so much fun.

Afterwards he took me home. He kissed me. It was magical. He is a great kisser. I actually felt like the girls in the movies. Where they say he kissed me until my toes curled.

I called my boss today and asked for a couple of days off. Munene said he is here for a week so I want to spend time with him. See if this thing is serious. Excitos excitos. I think I am in love but I don’t want to get carried away. Will keep you updated.

Love you.

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