My love affair ignited #CBAconcours



I am taking pictures at CBA Concours. I love motorbikes. I am looking at a beautiful bike, I will not mention the brand least I be labeled that I liked the bike because of the brand. The rider is taking something out of his bag, what’s that bag called? He says “I want to give you a ride.”

I look behind me and beside me, looking for the person he was talking to.

“I mean you.”

“Me?” I ask.  Looking at him confused.

“Yes you. I have seen you taking pictures of the bikes.” You love bikes don’t you?”

I am wondering about this guy. Bikes are my little dark secret, one of those that you don’t tell people least they laugh or mock the things you are passionate about. You see I have never talked about my love for bikes and how growing up I always told myself I would get myself a bike. At some point I think I gave it up as that first love that you burn for but cannot get. I think it is what inspired me to write this poem called goddess Let me love you.

This guy he saw into my soul, and I am shocked.  I am still trying to process whether this is his version of a pic up line. Thoughts run through my mind, for and against. I didn’t want to miss this opp but I didn’t know this guy. Just then he was called to take pics so I didn’t have to answer.  He is part of the Uganda riders team.

Afterwards he sees me taking pictures of some smaller bikes.

“Stop being scared. Next year when I come back I want to see you riding one of these! ” he says.

This guy is genuine. I think he sees how much I love bikes. Maybe I should do this.

I ask him “were you serious about the ride?

“Yes! I have to go but maybe after the parade!” He goes off to warm his engine.

I don’t know what to do. Secretly trilled but also terrified.

This ride could be, would be a statement. I need to think.

I go to take pictures of other bikes. Many of the bikers are now warming their bikes.

Soon the parade is on. Afterwards we go to look for more bikes. When I pass the spot where they were packed the bikes are gone.

I am a little bit disappointed. But you know what if I had really wanted him to find me I would have given him my card. Some things were not meant to be and that’s alright.

But his words stick with me “you love bikes don’t you.”

My love for bikes burns into flame again, no longer warm like coals from a jiko that are now low, but hot like red flames on a Harley Davidson.

Maybe it’s time I too became a renegade like Lorenzo Lamas, who ignited my passion for bikes in the series “Renegade”

I start thinking of my driving license. I haven’t renewed my driving license in a while. I start thinking maybe I should start driving again. And maybe I should learn to ride a bike. The possibilities seem endless.

Maybe next year at CBA Contours.  I may be confident enough to take that guy on the offer for a ride on his bike. Maybe next year I may have my own bike.

I am in love again. This is my story. Check out the the fast and the furious bikes in pictures.

harley davis

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