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The sun is shining this particular Sunday morning and it looks like it will be a cool day. Hopefully a sign of great things to come. There is nothing as stressful as planning to attend an event which is in the open, then the clouds are dark, puffy and grey, looking like they want to throw a tantrum and cry up a rainstorm. This is the perfect weather to head out to the CBA Concours.

I have been looking forward to this event. I want to look at those beautiful cars that seem to have been transported from another time. Those cars that are lovingly restored and polished, often at great cost to the owners, which sometimes take years to get back into pristine condition because of neglect or just exposure to the elements.

I am abit worried about walking around to see the cars. On Saturday I sprained my ankle on my way to rugby. I have done all I can for it and although it is swollen I am not in pain (thank you rosemary herbs.) They say sometimes love hurts and I am hoping this will not be one of those times; I really need to check out those cars.

We get to Concours and there is so much to see. Naturally my nephew on seeing food and smelling the delicious scents from the food court decides he is hungry. Never mind that he just ate crisps and juice on our way over. We promise to get him something but first we need to move around.

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There is so much to see and do. We look at cars, marveling at their beauty. My sister knows more about cars then I do so she even points out some stuff that I wasn’t looking at. We arrived quite late at about 1 pm, so there are very many people around taking pictures with the cars. Sometimes it is even hard to get a clear shot of some of the cars without somebody obstructing part of the car. I make a note to myself that next year I should come early so that I don’t have to fight for car time with other car enthusiasts. Here are some of the pictures of the beautiful cars.

At some point there are 3 sky drivers who drop in on us from the sky. We watch them as they glide through the air, many of us wishing we could try out a parachute jump. By the way there is a club if you want to join. With sky diving there is always a risk that you could land badly or get blown off course by strong winds. These guys are professionals it seems so they all land where they were supposed to land.

cba concours skydiving

There is also a drone somewhere in the sky. The announcer keeps joking that it is not a CIA drone. We also spotted one of those large remote controlled model (I think) aircraft.

We then go to check out the bikes. My nephew complains at some point that he is tired. We drop him off at the Brookside farm children’s tent where he is given stuff to paint. Luckily the bikes are opposite the tent so we are able to keep him in line of sight as we check out the bikes and take photos. I even have an interesting encounter with one of the Ugandan bikers –  My love affair ignited.


Later there is a parade of the beautiful cars and bikes. Starehe boys band leads the procession. I have to say those boys are talented. First come the bikes. Somebody seems to have turned up the volume as the sound of motorcycle engine aggressive revs can be heard even from a distance. Some of the riders, the Kenyan ones have macabre masks and bandanas, and their gear gives their machines a menacing vibe. I will be putting up the pictures of the bikes soonest.

After the parade we go back to the Brookside farm tent to pick my nephew’s seedling. The children at the tent had all been given a goodie bag with milk products. They have also been given a seedling to plant and a cow piggy bank. I actually think it is awesome that Brookside was promoting three things, drinking milk, planting trees and taking care of the environment and a culture of saving.

sean 2

We go back to take more pictures of the fast and the furious CBA concours bikes. We then went to get something to eat.  Some of the food vendors did not have so many clients due to their high prices. We did however join a fairly long line of people who were getting food from a vendor who had very reasonable prices for food. We then sat down to enjoy our meal and just soak in the view of beautiful cars.

It was a great family day out. We had a great time. Let’s meet at CBA Concours next year.


Here is the list of winners.

Overall Results
1. Phoenix Aviation (Ford Tudor, 1928) 279 points
2. Diccon Wilcock (MG TD, 1951) 273 points
3. Sati Gata-Aura (Nissan 160J, 1977)
4. Phoenix Aviation (Jaguar Mark V, 1951) 272 points
5. Phoenix Aviation (VW Beetle, 1958) 266 points
6. Brian Barton (MG TC, 1948) 262 points
7. John Wroe (Ford Tudor, 1930) 259 points
8. Karl Pleitz (MGB-GT, 1973) 259 points
9. Vitaform Products Limited (Austin Mini, 1972) 258 points
10. Gayling May (Alfa Romeo Sprint, 1967) 255 points

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    • Yes there was a good turnout. Hopefully the food will be better next year. They need to get a good traffic management system because there was too much jam and it was frustrating especially for those who were just dropping or picking up people. See you there next year.