Love letters 9 – the love story Techie Love



14th Feb 2013

Jim meets Zawadi in Kenya and falls for her. He is based in Madagscar so he corresponds with her from there. They used to correspond on Facebook and email. They finally meet and start dating. One year later they are getting married.  The story starts here love letters.


Jim Munene: hey
Charity Zawadi: hey baby
Jim Munene: shouldn’t you be asleep?
Charity Zawadi: can’t sleep. This hair style will get messed so I kept tossing and turning.
Jim Munene: I know you look beautiful.
Charity Zawadi: yes I do. You’re going to be blown away.
Jim Munene: so are you ready to become Mrs. Munene.
Charity Zawadi: yes I am.
Jim Munene: have I told you how much I love you?
Charity Zawadi: you haven’t told me today.
Jim Munene: I love you.
Charity Zawadi: I love you too.
Jim Munene: I wrote you a poem for Valentines Day.
Charity Zawadi: oh how sweet. So send it to me.
Jim Munene: it’s supposed to be a surprise.
Charity Zawadi: just tell me. Please baby please.
Jim Munene: ok here it is.

Come closer,
Let me hold you, hear your heartbeat.
Let me look into your eyes,
Eyes that shine with love so deep,
I want to drown in the river of your love,
Because I know you’ll bring me back,
Give me CPR with your sweet kisses,
Your soft lips that tease me and make my heart flatter.
I love you today, more then I loved you yesterday
And I would love to spend my tomorrows with you.
I love your smile and how it makes me feel.
I love how you make me feel like I can fly,
That I can conquer anything that comes my way.
Come let me hold you,
Let your sensual scent fill my nostrils, Let me breathe you in.
I want this moment to last forever,
To hold you like this.
I love you; I hope I can show you how much. I don’t want to speak the words,
I want to show you, shower you with love. Come my love let me hold you,
Feel your heartbeat,
Sing its song of love to mine.
I love you sweetheart.

Charity Zawadi: it’s beautiful. I love it and I love you. I wrote you something too. Been working on it for awhile. Your not the only poet here.

When am not with you,
I miss you like parched desert earth misses rain,
Like a baby misses its mother’s breast and comforting arms. Without you am like Batman without his Batmobile,
Louis without Clark Kent because you rescue me from myself, From drowning in loneliness.
I am a puzzle, incomplete without you,
But with you the pieces fit and I become a complete picture. I am a song that you play,
You make me sing sweet melodies. You make me feel all woman,
And I become a flower that blooms at your touch. You are the sun to my moon, you light me up,
Keep me warm like a fire that heats up a cold night. Your love is like chocolate,
So sweet I have love cavities.
You stole my heart like G4S, from a strong room.
You make my heart bleed when you hurt me,
Break my heart sometimes with your indifference But you’re my Doctor Love,
You bandage my love wounds with your kisses and touch. You are my valentine,
The keeper of my heart.
I am a slave to your love,
It binds me like a spell,
And you become my master,
Holding my fate in your hands.
Its magic this love,
It holds me fast, spellbound.
I am addicted to your kiss,
It’s like chocolate,
I must have more.
My thoughts toss and turn,
My body comes alive,
When you touch me,
Or even at the mention of your name. My love is deep,
And strong, so sincere.
I long for you,
For your embrace,
For that touch from you that makes my heart, Become a drum that beats out a tune.
There was never a love like this,
A passion that ripened,
Like fruit plucked from a tree.
This love is sweet,
And I feel like I could taste,
The elixir of love forever,
So that this fountain of love may make me young forever, Like the fountain of youth.
I am enchanted by you,
You make me your Queen,
But I am also your fool.
My love grows through the seasons, Yet it stagnates also,
Dries sometimes when the rivers of love, Seem to dry up.
We are not perfect,
You and I.
But we are two souls,
Intertwined by love,
And the illusion of happiness.
I am yours,
You are mine,
Together our hearts beat as one.

Jim Munene: Baby that was so beautiful. I am the luckiest man alive. Today I get to marry the most beautiful girl in the world.
Charity Zawadi: your gonna make me blush.
Jim Munene: I like making you blush
Charity Zawadi: ha I can make you blush if I want to.
Jim Munene: give me an example.
Charity Zawadi: what would you say if I told you that I am trying on my lingerie for the honeymoon? There’s this red teddy bear it’s all lace and ….
Jim Munene: you’re such a tease. Is that what you’re wearing for me tonight?
Charity Zawadi: wouldn’t you like to know?
Jim Munene: si you send me a picture?
Charity Zawadi: nah
Jim Munene: please baby. Its a few hours to the wedding. Just one picture to get me through the torture of the ceremony.
Charity Zawadi: let me think about it. You’re not supposed to see the bride before the wedding its bad luck.
Jim Munene: sawa then just send me a picture of the lingerie. Let me see the trouble I am going to be in tonight.
Charity Zawadi: ok. Let me do that now. Guys are waking up. Let me take and send it to you. I LOVE YOU.
Jim Munene: I love you twice as much.
Charity Zawadi: kisses and hugs. See you later.

The story continues in the finale love letters 10.

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