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Jim meets Zawadi in Kenya and falls for her. He is based in Madagscar so he corresponds with her from there. They used to correspond on Facebook and email. They finally meet and start dating. One  and a half years later they got married.  Read the final installment of the love story love techie.  The story starts here love letters.

From: Charity Zawadi [email protected]
To: Anne Mureithi [email protected]
Subject: honeymoon
Hey babes.

How are you? OMG I am so excited at your news that you’re pregnant. Congratulations. I wish I was there then we would celebrate like we do, over coffee and fudge cake at Java. I am so excited.

Sorry that I haven’t been on the net for two weeks. Actually I am not. I am really enjoying my honeymoon. It was everything I thought it would be and more. It exceeded my wildest fantasies and that’s saying a lot. Munene has gone to work that’s why I am able to write today.

For such a shy guy Munene isn’t shy in the bedroom. He is afantastic lover and so very considerate. In fact I was the one who was shy. By the way he just has to give me a certain look and I blush. I am so in love and so happy.

Madagascar is such a beautiful place. The last one week Munene has managed to take me around. The first week we never left the house. The world was just him and I. we have gone swimming, walked on the beach and I went snorkeling for the first time. It’s been so good.

Feeling lonely today. It was Munene’s first day back at the office. So I get to spend the day by myself. I am just thinking how technology brought us together. Imagine if I hadn’t answered that email he sent me. I wouldn’t be here. What if he hadn’t attended your wedding one and a half years ago? We never would have met. So I have you and technology to thank for my happiness.

I have to go. I want to cook Munene a special meal and guess what’s going to be dessert? Ha ha.

I love you. Say hi to Jack and everybody. Later.


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