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Last week I got the New Nivea in-shower body lotion to review. I was really excited from the description – that I can shower with it and not have to use lotion. Actually what I thought it was was one of those products that you can use as shower gel and wash off then you are left with skin that is already conditioned. It didn’t turn out to be that. You have to shower with normal shower gel or soap first then apply it and rinse it off. That was my only disappointment with it.

I love Nivea products. There is something about the fresh smell, oceanic and citrus smell of the products (ok the ones I use). So I tried the product. First you have to shower as normal, then once you have rinsed off the soap, you apply the skin conditional lotion all over on your wet skin, then rinse it off. Then all you have to do is dry off, and get dressed.


The first day I used it I was not too sure about whether it works so I used the Nivea Body lotion, Repair and Care that I had been given to accompany it. I was wearing a dress and I wasn’t sure about having my legs becoming dry and looking what is the right word pararad. The next day I wore jeans, so I felt abit safe using it and not applying lotion. Things seemed to be going well. By the third day I was comfortable using it alone. It left my skin feeling soft and hydrated.

The Nivea in-shower body lotion is activated by water and immediately absorbed into the skin with no sticky feeling.

The thing about the Nivea skin conditioner is that it takes getting used to. You mind tells you that you are missing out on an important step when you don’t apply lotion before getting dressed. So it takes a couple of days to trust yourself that you don’t need extra lotion. The product is good, it did work on my skin.

I also got to try out two other Nivea Products which is the Nivea Nourishing Body Lotion and the Nivea Repair and Care Body Lotion both of which are moisturizing care with hydra IQ. I love the Nivea Repair and Care which I feel is light but very moisturizing for my skin. The Nourishing body lotion is also excellent but I found it abit too thick for me. I prefer something that is not too thick but it is still an excellent product. The Nivea lotions I got were for dry skin which may explain why one is so thick.

It is very easy to use and you do not have to use any other lotion (unless of course you want to) So for all you girls who wear your trousers then oil the bottom of your feet where they stick out of the pants legs this one is for you.

I need to go try it out at the beach to see if it works well in really hot climate and with salty water. In the meantime check out at the chandarana and Nakumatt supermarkets where it is going for Kshs.520/- for 250ml.

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