This is what we will be up to at Tiwi beach this weekend #TwendeTiwi




Its about time to hit the sand again, to live simply for 3 days. To play, bond, relax , party next to the ocean and be rocked to sleep by the sound of the waves.  If you do not already have a plan for this weekend then this is the plan you should be thinking about. There are some few spaces remaining.

Twiga Camp is the venue from Friday Oct 17th – Monday 20th. If you’re looking for something to do that is completely offbeat, Tiwi Beach is it. Take time off to reconnect with yourself, to  have a quiet moment to reflect, meditate and to bond with other(s).
We’ll play some games like football or volleyball, chase the rabbit, kati etc we’ll have snorkeling masks available for those that would like to be in the water a little longer.
At night, we’ll light up a bonfire and have some more fun with.
  •  Truth or Dare
  • Spin the bottle
  • Tell a story
  • Never have I ever
  • Sing a song
There will be a DJ on Saturday and Sunday so that we can party on the beach.
What To Bring:
  • Hat
  • Towel
  • Shorts
  • Swimwear
  • Water friendly shoes
  • Bedsheet
  • Sun glasses
  • Camera
  • Bug repellant
  • Sun protection cream
  • Bottled water
  • Lots of snacks
  • Liquid entertainment if you’re upto that.
  • Open mind 🙂
Read about previous camping experiences they have had on various blogs.
Transport is arranged on Saturday morning (6-7am) from Mombasa to Tiwi. If you are coming in at a different time, contact Njooro for to arrange your pickup.
So take a bus or take a plane or take your car and lets meet at Tiwi tomorrow.
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