Why every business and home needs to have Zuku Fiber


Internet has become so important that it is hard to find a business or individual in the city that does not use internet for either personal or business use. Phones with internet have really changed how people connect to each other. Most people use their mobile devices to check mail and connect with others on social media. As laptops and computers become more affordable more people are also buying them for work and entertainment. Students are also getting computers to assignments.

Very many young people like to stream their favourite music from the internet or watch youtube videos. Movie and series enthusiasts use the internet to torrent their favourite movies and shows before their movie guy has a chance to burn it on CD.

We use the internet to check the news, to play our favourite games, to chat with our friends, to apply for jobs, to catch up on what’s happening in the world.

Most people mostly use bundles to do all that surfing unless they have internet at the office. But bundles have their limitations as you only get a certain amount of data for a figure. But many times your internet needs are more then the bundles you are able to afford so you either have to go to a cyber, look for a free Wi-Fi spot, or use the office internet to do personal stuff which can be hard when your IT department or boss is monitoring what you do on the internet.

Zuku fiber is a great product as for a flat rate of around Ksh. 3000 you can get fast internet for the whole month. This means that you and your family can use as much internet as you want. This is also good if you have a business as you can save on costs as you can do everything you need to do without worrying about your internet bills at the end of the month.
Zuku fiber also comes with cable TV so you get entertained at the same time. There is music, TV channels and there are shows you will not find anywhere else. You also get free Zuku to Zuku calls which is a great value add.

The Zuku package is suitable for individuals and SMEs. It provides a triple play service (internet, TV, & telephony) but allows businesses to buy only what they need. In addition the solution provides for a managed Local Area network services via Managed Wi-Fi with an optional TV package. It further makes it possible for a business to manage their server based services such as mail server services, CCTV camera services for their offices among others

• A modular based service; you only buy & pay for what you need
• Very competitive and affordable setup fees & monthly service charge
• Quality upload/download speeds
• Very competitive calling rates
• Manage your server based services using the static IP
• Enable office mobility via a fully managed Wi-Fi

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