Working from home has never been easier then with Zuku fiber



The growth of the internet has enabled very many technological changes over the past decade. One of the key things is that now people can work from home instead of having to go to the office. Many entrepreneurs have been using their homes as offices. Now many companies are seeing the “cents” in having employees working part time or full time from home. With many young people also establishing their own businesses instead of looking for employment the number of home businesses are increasing. Zuku fiber has come into the market at an opportune time to take advantage of these consumers who are now working from home.

A Microsoft whitepaper, Work without Walls shows that some of the benefits include being more productive, quieter atmosphere, more environmentally friendly, avoiding traffic (in Nairobi traffic can be a nightmare), less stressful environment and work/home balance. I would also like to add that working from home reduces operating costs like electricity bills, food (those tea things in the office) use of less office space and of course less bandwidth.

But working from home can be a nightmare if one does not have a good internet connection. Internet is important for a couple of things. A good internet connection is important for marketing and advertising, image building through websites and social media, interaction and communication on email. Companies both large and small use email to communicate with both clients, suppliers and fellow employees. Nowadays with technology replacing face to face meetings companies and entrepreneurs are using technology to set up virtual meetings, to communicate using internet telephony using services like Skype and to have meetings using chat or hangouts.

The internet is also an important tool for research. You do not have to go buy books and magazines to get information. You can now use the internet to get information to use for the business. The net can also be used to access breaking news on business, travel, competitors etc.

With internet banking now available in Kenya it is now easier, less expensive, and faster to make financial transactions over the internet.

All of this requires you to have a good, fast internet connection if you are working from home. This is what Zuku fiber offers you. The Zuku package of internet, TV, and telephony is a good deal for those who work from home. You will be able to make your business calls from the telephone line. The internet is really fast so you can be able to communicate and research online. You will able to get entertainment. The great thing about Zuku is that you only buy and pay for what you need, and it is very affordable to set up the service. The call rates are competitive and you can be able to work from anywhere in the house using the managed Wi-Fi.

Very many women especially are now working from home as many are talking the option of running a business while their children are young so as to spend time with them. This makes working from home very convenient for them. Also for women on maternity leave this means that they can be able to check on their office emails so that they are not missing out on anything at the workplace while they are away and they can be able to delegate any tasks that they need to. This can also work for women who intend to extend their maternity leave.

Working from home can be great when you know that you can do all the things you could do from an office from the comfort of your home. Internet has always been one of those costs that may discourage people to work from home but this is not an issue when you are sure you have fast, reliable internet in your house to match your business or entrepreneur needs. Zuku will be there to serve you as the Zuku office package provides for a managed Local Area network and allows your home business to manage server based services like mail server services.

So you do not have to worry about running your business from home. Talk to the guys from Zuku to see how you can set up your Zuku fiber package in the house.

There are so many things you could do with Zuku Fiber here are some of them.

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