Effective Non-Medical Solutions For Back Pain


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A majority of people experience back pain in their lifetime. Back pain may be caused by strenuous activities like lifting weights or garden work. Back pain may hinder your normal activities like bending down or even sleeping. Therefore it is important to address back pains early to prevent future back complications.  The following are non-medical remedies that relieve back pains.

Reduce Bed Rest Time
If you are sick, avoid taking a bed rest for more than three days. Instead, have a small walk around. Recent studies have shown that people who experience short term low back pain feel more pain when they rest for long.This in turn hinders their ability to perform their daily tasks effectively.

Exercise Daily
Exercising is the best remedy for back pain. Simple activities like walking can prevent back pain. Walking gets you from a sitting posture to an upright posture. However, exercises should not be overdone as they can aggravate the back pain.

Application Of Heat And Ice
Cold packs and heating pads serve to relieve tender trunks. It is advisable to apply ice within the first two days after injury particularly if there is a swelling. Later, you can switch to heat. Nevertheless, you can use whichever way possible so long as your skin is protected.

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Sleep In A Correct Way
Sleeping the right way is very important in relieving back pains. An incorrect sleeping position or sleeping on a support less mattress can lead to back pain. The following are some sleeping tips to observe. If you like back sleeping, ensure that you put pillows under your knees. If you are a side sleeper, place the pillow between your knees to keep the spine in a neutral position. Avoid stomach sleeping as it causes head and neck twists. This in turn results to undue pressure on the back.

Do Not Smoke
Smoking not only affects the lungs but also your back. Smoking reduces blood flow to the spinal area hence making it susceptible to injury. Smoking also disrupts bone repair processes resulting to back pain and inflammation.

Apply Relaxation Techniques
Recent research indicates that meditating, tai chi, taking deep breaths and yoga can help relieve back pain. These techniques help to put your mind at rest hence relieving the back pain.

Massage Therapy
Research shows that massage therapy can greatly help relieve back pain. The therapy assists the back sore muscles to heal by improving blood circulation.lt also relaxes the muscles and improves one’s range of motion. Moreover, this therapy helps manage chronic pain by raising the endorphin levels in the body.

Music Therapy
Studies have indeed shown that music is one of the most powerful pain relievers. Listening to music makes your mind busy this triggers an emotional response which then competes with your pain pathways. As a result, the resources available to process aches are reduced. However, listening to music that you like is key.lt is music that you like, that is likely to engage you brain more

Stretching Your Hamstrings Twice A Day
This is another easy way that can help relieve back pain. Try to stretch your hamstrings lightly for at least twice a day. Tight arm strings add additional stress across your lower back resulting to more pain. In case you suffer from chronic back pain or short term pain, follow the procedures described above for a better life. To acquire more health services, apply for a national insurance number.

Easing Back Pain With Chiropractic Care:
Conditions that involve back pain are usually treated by chiropractors or Doctors of Chiropractic (DC) through “hands-on” chiropractic care.

Manual and spinal manipulation:
During manual and spinal manipulation, chiropractors apply a short lever, high-velocity art thrust to abnormal vertebra in the back region. As a result of this, functionality is improved, nerve irritability is reduced, and range of motion in the back is restored. Manual manipulation is also referred to as chiropractic adjustment. When it comes to treating back pain through chiropractic treatment, there is a firm literature that supports it Chiropractic manipulation as a part of early treatment for back pain is recommended by many published guidelines.

Low velocity movement, manipulation and stretching of the joints and muscles is referred to as chiropractic mobilization in which the range of motion within these areas is increased.

PS. Before doing any exercises it is important to consult your doctor so that you dont make your condition worse.

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