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For many of us ladies wearing jewellery is second nature. Jewellery has a way of brightening up any outfit or even enhancing somebody’s look. Sometimes the hardest thing is being able to get the kind of jewellery we are looking for at a reasonable price.

I have recently gone back to doing something I absolutely love which is selling jewelry. I used to sell jewelry all through college and university to supplement my pocket money. An independent girl is a empowered girl you know. I sort of stopped doing it a couple of years into my first job after campus because I was busy with grad school and work but they say if you love something let it go and if it comes back to you then it was meant to be. Wearing jewelry from the time I was a little girl was always part of my signature.

So I got an opportunity a week back to get some scarf jewelry to sell. Actually I wanted to buy some but I ended up asking if I could sell some for my friend. Old habits die hard I guess. So here I am with some great merchandise to sell. So a couple of years ago I would have had to go around to all of my friends to tell them I have this great stuff to sell. But now I have OLX and Facebook. So I posted the pictures on Instagram and Facebook and got a couple of responses. Now it is time to take it to the next level, to connect with people I don’t know who will love what I am selling.

This past weekend I have been on OLX trying to see what people are selling and to see how to create an impression. I have seen a couple of adverts that I liked, mostly because the pictures were clear and I was able to create a very good mental description of how those items would fit into my lifestyle.

Since I am selling jewelry I had to look around to see what is available on OLX.  There are some great items starting from 1 shilling (how unrealistic –  I think they are just trying to entice buyers) to around 4,000 shillings for the pricier items. Some pictures like this one about a silver engagement ring were enticing. I wondered what made the seller put the beautiful purple ring next to a plant. Is it to show that the Purple Topaz Stone was a flower. It made me curious. I also loved the advert for this silver pendant necklace. It looks so lovely and it is an item that would go well with whatever you are wearing whether casual or professional.

I also liked the descriptions. How you describe a product also makes it more enticing and can make or break the deal. Product showcasing is important if you want to attract customers and help them remember your product so that they can buy your item.  I also looked at the prices in order to gauge how much to sell my items at. This ad attracted me because of the graphic design of the uniforms but the person had some spelling issues.

Some things you should consider.

  • Take good pictures of the items you are selling so that people can see what they are buying.
  • Write a great product description of what you are selling. What are the unique points.

So I put up my first jewelry ad on OLX Kenya this morning and I am hoping to get some business out of it.  I have taken different pictures of the items. I have hopefully also followed the steps of writing a great product description of what I am selling.necklaces 4

“These beautiful stylist scarfs work well with all kinds of outfits. They can be worn for both formal and informal occasions. The long ones are great for people with metal allergies as they can be worn over clothes and since there is no metal necklace one will not react. The short scarf necklaces ones are Ksh. 550 and the long ones are Ksh. 850.”

Let me know if you want to buy some of this beautiful scarf jewelry. My contacts are on the OLX ad.

Have you posted something on OLX yet?


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