Broke and frustrated? Not this coming January!



I love December. It’s my favourite time of the year and not just because it is my birthday month. December is the month of holidays, whether it is from school or work. December is the time you get to finally take that holiday or even sleep in for a couple of days. This is the month that people party with abandon.

There is no doubt that December is the month of fun. But then sorrow comes in January. We tend to spend money in December like January with its many bills is not coming. Then January ends up feeling like it is 2 months instead of one. There are those bills that come up, rent, utility bills, and school fees. December may feel like the angel of light come to reward you for all your hard work all year. But January is the dark angel come to collect his dues.

They say you can’t have your cake and eat it. Well maybe you can. What if you could sell off all that stuff that you don’t need to get some extra cash so that you can have money to party and holiday and not touch your salary or pocket money? Usually in December we clean out our closets and give away the clothes that we don’t wear and things like toys that we don’t need anymore. I encourage you to do that still. But still you have stuff in your closet that you will keep hoping to wear next year but you know you won’t because you will buy new stuff. Why not sell it on OLX and get some money for your December kitty.

Here is a list of items that you can easily sell.

Mobile phones that you don’t use. Maybe you upgraded your phone and haven’t had time to sell the old one. Or maybe you need to downgrade because of harsh economic times. This is the time to do it. On OLX mobile phones are the fastest moving item.

Furniture. Many people tend to move at the beginning of the year or redecorate at the end of the old year. This is a good time to get rid of that stuff you don’t need and buy new stuff.

Old but golden stuff. If you have LPs or records or old original radios there is a market out there for such things. Dig through the storage in your garage or store or the shelves above the wardrobes in your room and look for that stuff. You can get some good cash for that vintage stuff.

Jewelry. All that stuff that you have that you don’t wear sell it. You may have gotten jewelry or watches for presents and you don’t like that kind of stuff why not sell it on OLX and buy yourself something you really need.

Books and toys. You may have books or toys that are clogging up your living space. Why not sell off the books that you will never read again on OLX. Remember to keep the ones you consider classics though. The ones you will reread over and over. Or those that you are saving for your kids. There are also those toys that your children have outgrown and are still in good condition. Sell them on OLX then you can buy other stuff for your children.

Clothes. There are those clothes (in good condition) you loved but that don’t work for you anymore. Either you added weight or lost weight. Or changed your dress style and they don’t work for you anymore. Instead of leaving those clothes to take up space why not sell them on OLX.

You do not have to wait for your mari mari guy to come around to your estate to exchange clothes and shoes for some plastic stuff you can get at a better price if you sold your items. Go to OLX and sell them.

Then you will be smiling all the way to your holiday. And the dark angel called January, well you will hand him cold lemonade and tell him when life gives you lemons you make lemonade. So when life gives you December and all its happy holidays and you need an angel to sort you out head over to OLX.

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