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About 2 weeks ago I was given a Samsung Galaxy Note 4 for a couple of days to review. And I was intimidated. First because this phone is a very great, expensive mobile phone. I was scared I would drop it or something. So I treated the phone like a baby. At least for the first days. Then I got used to it (no you don’t really get used to it). Second because I have not done a review for a phone (well at least on my blog). No those conversations don’t count.

Warning. I am not going to be all about the specs of the phone. Like the fact that 5.7-inch Quad HD Super AMOLED display reproduces clearer and more vivid images. Or that it has 16 megapixel rear-facing camera featuring a Smart Optical Image Stabilizer. And the 3.7 megapixel front-facing camera which offers a default 90 degree shooting angle and up to 120 degree wide angle. What does that mean? The best selfies and photos ever.  I am one of those people who want a phone that works, that does what it says it will do. I am not about the hype but about the substance.


For the purposes of this conversation let us assume that the Galaxy Note 4 is a man who I am meeting and establishing a relationship. This man is a well dressed man, mature, a man of the world who knows where he is going and what he wants. A man who is not only about flash but a man who is serious. He loves to work hard but when its time to play he knows how to relax and have some fun.

You with me so far.

So I get introduced to this man let’s call him Nate. I have heard about him, seen his picture on TV and in the magazines. He looks good and he comes over to say hi. Initially I am abit scared of him. What will I talk about with this gorgeous stranger? So he tries to make me feel comfortable. He gives me a rundown of who he is. Sort of let’s me into his world. I am like not bad.

Nate is a friendly guy. He wants to be seen with me in public. He takes the most awesome selfies and photos. All my friends love him. They want to take pictures with him. He makes them look good. I have to remind them that he looks good with them but he is going home with me. The looks of envy. Looking into his eyes I see myself larger then life reflected back. Actually I look better through his eyes then I do in real life. Easy to fall in love with him.

all together

He is intelligent. I am a writer and I write down stuff using a pen. He turns those notes into text. He is intuitive. We don’t have to talk much. He anticipates my needs. He knows I work hard and play hard too. So he makes sure he is always switched on to what’s going. He charges up first because he knows I can’t sit around all day waiting to be on the move. Fast Charging from 0 to 50% in 31 minutes I have to say works well for me.

He has wowed me over with his entertainment system. The music is crystal clear and I can spend time with him all day getting my daily fix.

This man Nate is making me fall in love with him. I don’t want to. But it’s happening. It’s going to be heartbreaking to say goodbye. I have gotten so used to having him by my side. He has become part of my life and I will know I will have to say goodbye. So I maximize on our days together. He has penetrated the armour of my cold I am not bothered about phones heart.

The day finally arrives and it is time to say goodbye. It is a dark and gloomy day. I want him to stay but I know he has to go. I hug him for the last time and as he walks away on the arm of another he whispers “we can still be together forever. Find me at Samsung or Safaricom shops.”

Now I am sitting here thinking how much I miss him. I keep thinking of those beautiful days we had together and I am like maybe there is hope that I will see him soon. And this time I will make sure he will be mine, all mine. He has become my obsession.

The Note 4 blew my mind. The cameras were the first thing that I had a crush on but by the end I was in love. It is a great smartphone. The kind that you want to buy and keep. This phone should be up there on your shopping list. It will change your life for the better and you will never see a phone in the same way.


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