KFC opens Kenya’s first drive-thru restaurant


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International fast food chain Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) opened the country’s first drive-thru restaurant on Monday. The KFC restaurant is located along Mombasa Road, at the Total Service Station near Airtel Kenya.

The KFC Mombasa Road launch was witnessed by the KFC General Manager, Justin Melvin and the Total Managing Director, Ada Eze. The MC was none other than the funny Chipukeezy from Mulolongo. In the house was also H_art the Band, who entertained the guests with their hit song, ‘Uliza Kiatu’ among other songs.

The KFC Mombasa Road launch was to be an outdoor event but the sudden morning rain had other ideas. Consequently, they had to make it an indoor event. Luckily, the newest KFC Mombasa Road outlet is spacious enough and we were able to fit inside.

The KFC Mombasa Road drive-thru outlet’s biggest selling point is the drive through feature, where the target is three minutes between the point of entry and the point of exit with a meal. However, the inside of the restaurant is also as awesome.

drive throug

I was impressed by how they had utilized the space. The seating arrangement was superb, the lighting was magnificent and the seats and chairs lovely.

The KFC Mombasa Road outlet marks an important partnership between Total and KFC with another outlet to be opened later in the month along Limuru Road.

The KFC operations Manager, Patrick Meme took us on a tour of what happens behind the scenes where there was a lot to be learnt. For example, about 75% of the products that are used by KFC are sourced locally (with Kenchic providing chicken, Cocacola providing the sodas etc). The frozen chips (used to make fries) are however imported from Egypt. There are plans to have the frozen chips sourced locally from next year though.

In guaranteeing fresh products, uncooked chicken only stays in the freezer for a maximum of 48 hours. Any chicken that stays longer than that is discarded. Moreover, any cooked chicken has to be sold within one and a half hours after being prepared. It takes less than 15 minutes for chicken to be cooked while fries take only 4 minutes.

Patrick explained how they value their staff. Every staff is trained on everything, meaning the person at the cashier can also cook and so on. Even the managers like himself started by knowing how everything happens in the background. Most importantly, most managers are locals. Patrick Meme showing us a chart that shows the stickers they give if a staff member does something exemplary. The person with the most stickers at the end of the month is the staff of the month. The Mombasa Road outlet has a staff of about 35. Patrick explained that every staff member works for strictly eight hours per shift then they are released to go home.

I had a taste of the chicken and it was delicious.

Article by  George Kilibwa aka Greatrnk.


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