12 things to consider as you make your holiday plans


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December is here and you may not have made your holiday plans. I have put together a guide for you so that you can plan your holiday.

1. Here are a few tips on choosing a hotel room – 12 things to consider when choosing a hotel.

2. Traveling with children. That is not a problem. Here is how you can make your holiday run smoothly (well almost). Tips for travelling with children

3. If you are staying in Nairobi here are a few options on family friendly places to go to. Fun places to hang out with your kids in Nairobi

4. Diani is a good option as a beach holiday spot. Fun things to do in Diani Beach – Kenya.

sky diving

5. Here are a few other Kenyan destinations you need to check out.

6. If you would like to take a safari holiday consider Lake Nakuru.

7. If you are feeling adventurous and have some cash take your family to Mauritius.

8. South Africa is still a favourite destination for family travel. There is so much to see and do.

9. If you fancy going to Uganda then check out these 10 Ugandan destinations.

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10. Want to try something new? Go hot air ballooning in the wild.

11. If you are travelling to the US you should check out Las Vegas.

12. If you are going to stay home consider treating yourself well in the spa. Why you need to go to a spa!


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