Donation of space heaters by Airtel to help reduce the infant mortality rates in Kiambu County


Airtel Kenya has donated 25 space heaters to Kiambu County hospitals. The donations are aimed at reducing the mortality rate of new born babies in the county. The heaters will be in the Newborn Units, labor wards, maternity and delivery rooms to keep newborns warm immediately after birth.

According to District Health Information Software (DHIS), 20 newborns die every day in Kenya, many of them due to preventable causes. The major causes include hypothermia and pneumonia. The deaths can be prevented by keeping babies warm in the newborn units. Coming from a temperature of 36.6˚C in the womb babies are affected by temperatures that are as low as 12˚C for places with low temperatures like Limuru.

Airtel Kenya CEO Adil El Youssefi said “We at Airtel strive to make a difference in the lives of the people of Kenya. We believe that these space heaters will make a great contribution towards reduction of preventable infant mortality within the county of Kiambu.”

Cheka Mtoi Aishi CEO Dr David Wasambla said, “Our vision is in line with both the beyond zero campaign by Kenya’s First Lady and the United Nation’s Millennium Development Goal 4 which seeks to reduce childhood mortality. With the central government’s initiative of free maternity services, more mothers are giving birth in hospitals and these space heaters will ensure we do not lose more newborns to hypothermia, pneumonia and other cold related causes.”

Kiambu County Executive Committee Member for Health Services Dr. Jonah Mwangi said, “We are thankful to Airtel for the donation that will see a reduction in death among infants born within the county. Areas like Limuru, Tigoni and Kikuyu are worst affected by cold weather and will be a priority in when we distribute these space heaters. Dr. Mwangi further added that “ they will continue partnering with the private sector to improve the health standards of the community”

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