“88” Thai Restaurant at Villa Rosa Kempinski is one place you must check out!


A couple of weeks ago  I had a chance to go to the 88, at the Villa Rosa Kempinski for what proved to be an exciting 3 hours of bartender school and sushi making school as well. Villa Rose Kempinski was giving us a sneak peek into their Thai restaurant “88”. We got to mix an exciting cocktail with Jaciskko Escola as well as Sushi making classes led by head chef Tyrone Ompoy.




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“88 is an Asian inspired cuisine restaurant which formally opens in January 2015.



First we learnt to make cocktails. Here are some of the pictures
mix 88

We were taught how to make sushi. The rice had already been cooked so we were just adding fillings and stuff.


88 - 7

Of course we washed our hands first and used gloves. First we put a nori sheet on top of the sushi rolling mat. We picked some rice which we shaped into a ball, then put it on our nori sheet and flatten it. We then spread the rice with our fingers all over the nori sheet. Then we put some filling ingredients across the middle of the rice. Then we held the near edge of sushi rolling mat and rolled the mat, so that the fillings and rice are compacted. The trick is not to do it so tight that the rice and ingredients fall out over the edges. Then you unroll the sushi mat, (dampen the knife with some vinegar, cut the sushi roll right in the middle and cut off the edges. We added some garnishing at the top and served it to the others.


sushi 1

After eating our sushi we had a wonderful Thai dinner as DJ Imran entertained us.

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