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You have probably had ice cream but have you ever had the kind of ice cream that makes your taste buds dance and makes your body just switch off to concentrate on the sensation of the ice cream.

If you haven’t then you probably haven’t tasted some Cold Stone Creamery ice cream. The ice cream is just heaven for the taste buds. Cold Stone Creamery, which is a US brand, offers a variety of ice cream flavours which you can add different mix in and toppings. They also have some great ice cream cakes, ice cream cup cakes with edible shells, frozen yogurts, smoothies and shakes.

I got to have a taste of cold stone when their new outlet opened at Fortis Towers in Westland’s. I also got to try out the Domino’s pizza as well. I love the pizzas because they have a great base, also the toppings are great and they are generous with topping portions.  I don’t know if they have a terrific Tuesday kind of offer but I think they need to have one.

Cold Stone Creamery claim their ice cream is around 11.5 on a scale of 10. Is it true? well try it for yourself and decide. I do have to say is that I am really loving their ice cream. It is awesome and I give them very high marks. Their staff are also very friendly and helpful and that is also a plus on their side.

This is a great place to take your family these holidays. Between the ice cream and the pizza you will not be disappointed. Don’t eat too much yummy pizza though you may be too full to try out the ice cream.

There are so far three Cold Stone Creamery outlets. One is at Fortis Towers, Westlands which is where the first Domino’s outlet is. There is also another on Mama Ngina Street. The second Dom American fast food chain Domino’s Pizza and ice cream seller Cold Stone Creamery will open 16 franchised outlets in Kenya in the next two years.

The local Franchise holder, Om Nom Nom say they want to open 15 franchised outlets in Kenya over the next two years. Their focus is on middle class shoppers so you can expect them to be at your favourite shopping area sometime soon. This is good news for people who love good ice cream.
Check them out this Christmas.

dominord virgidnia
This lady rider for Dominos/Cold Stone Cremery Virginia caught my attention. She has grey hair but she is still riding around in a bike. Inspired.
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