Bamba TV gives you a great deal for the #DitigalMigration


bamba tv

As the new year 2015 comes closer Nairobi is getting ready for the digital migration which will be on the 31st of December.

Radio Africa Group is not being left behind in the digital TV space ahead of the migration. The group has introduced a new free to view service Bamba Tv. Bamba TV will be accessed for a one off fee for a set top box. The Bamba TV set top box is already available in the market. Bamba TV has over 50 channels, 24 of which are exclusive to Bamba TV. The rest will be local free to air channels. The uniqueness of Bamba TV is that after the consumer pays the set top box fee there are no additional charges like those of Dstv, GOtv, Zuku and Startimes.

Bamba TV will have 7 movie channels, with 3 being African channels and  other international channels. Bamba TV also has three cartoon channels, 4 lifestyle channels including fashion TV and cars TV.  For those who love mexican soaps Bamba TV also has a 24 hour Telenovela Channel.

The group has invested $6 million (Ksh 534 million into this digital migration venture. The Bamba TV set top box will retail for Ksh. 3200 with no additional monthly charges after that.

Danny Mucira, the Bamba TV General Manager said the company has negotiated for and paid for some of the leading PAY TV channels around the world and bundled them with all the free- to- air channels; such Kiss TV, NTV, KTV, Citizen, K24 and KBC to create a service of over 50 world class TV channels delivered free of charge to Kenyans.

Bamba TV has already gone live in Nairobi and will cover the whole of Kenya by end of March 2015. The group joins other broadcasters in the digital tv space who were also granted a single digital distributor license to enable them to broadcast their own digital signals.

Nairobi and its environs will be the first to experience the digital migration on the 31st of December followed by other 2 other phases of the migration.

“Over the next five years, we will ratchet-up this investment to US$10 million (KSh890 million). We are proud that this is a Kenyan innovation that will enable Kenyans to migrate to the new digital platform at no recurring monthly expense and with ease, giving them access to diverse quality content,” said Mr Mucira.


You have been asking about the channels on Bamba TV and where to get Bamba TV. Here is the information I have gotten on the new Bamba TV channels.


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    • I wrote the article based on the information I was given. That information was not available to me at the time.

  1. Hi, I feel they are giving sketchy info about the settop box. Could you kindly facilitate us getting more info about it, the channels available as well as where exactly we can get the box.

  2. Thanx potentash for the update, but the big question remains.
    What are the channels? Waiting for your follow-up article.

  3. Something does not smell right with this BambaTV thing. They did a lot of advertising but as many have observed here, such a promising offering has had a very bleak start. I went looking for the decoder in ‘the major supermarkets’ and none had it in stock. I next decided to do a little research online and found out they had a Twitter handle and a FB page. Both had more questions than answers. On Twitter specifically, they were retweeting all the queries instead of answering them. I Twitted the following

    Judging @BambaTVKenya based on Twitter presence over the last week,looks like a big failure @ItsMainaKageni @OliverMathenge @CarolineMutoko— Samuel Kuria (@SKKuria) January 2, 2015

    and they don’t seem to have taken my criticism kindly as they have now blocked me on Twitter! For such a product/service, Customer Service is the make or break but in this case unfortunately, it seems more like a break. In the meantime, I will keep my money to myself.

  4. Hi
    Kindly provides us withj specific channels that Bamba tv has and when do you plan to roll-out in Kisumu and other parts of the country?, Thanks
    Sam Young

  5. you Bamba guys seem to be hiding something.all along u’ve been telling us of 50+ channels yet up to date you can’t list them for us. Are you for real and why dont you list them for us?

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