How safe are contact lenses?


contact leanss

It seems that contacts are in and glasses are out as the cool thing. In this brave new world that we live in it seems glasses have gone out of style and everybody is either having laser surgery (if they can afford it) or getting contacts. No need to wear those boring glasses that hide your beautiful eyes. Or if you didn’t have eyes that deserve a second glance you can now make yourself noticeable by wearing coloured contact lenses.

Contacts do have some advantages like the fact that your entire field of view is in focus, they let people see your eyes, they don’t fog up like glasses, they don’t have any weight, you can wear them while swimming, they don’t mist up which can blur your vision etc. Plus you do not get a reaction like some people do with the metal or plastic on their glasses. Also people who wear contacts don’t tend to have bags under their eyes like those who wear spectacles.

But before you start thinking of getting contact lenses or if you have contact lenses you need to read this article How safe are contact lenses?

“The biggest problem with contact lenses is not the devices themselves, but the people who wear them. A study from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in the US found that nearly a million visits to the doctor each year relate to eye infections from lenses.” The Guardian.

You should get fitted for contact lenses by an optometrist or ophthalmologist. In the US it is illegal to sell contact lenses without a prescription because it is a medical device. A poor fitted contact leases can cause infection, inflammation, abrasion and distorted vision. On the extreme it can cause permanent tissue damage. So even if you are getting contacts for cosmetic reasons consult an eye doctor, don’t just self prescribe lenses. You could end up being the coolest or scariest person around but in the end it could cost you your eyesight.

So if you are thinking of getting contacts, consult your eye doctor first. And if you have contacts make sure you clean them out as instructed and do not overuse a contact lens past it’s expiry date. And whatever you do, do not share contact lenses, even if they are cosmetic lenses.

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