15 things you need to know about Planet Yogurt!



Frozen Yogurt – The product:

1. It is soft ice – softly frozen as such doesn’t do well as a take away sort of snack but
lasts a bit when eaten in-store where the temps are cool to allow it sit frozen a little

2. It’s made from natural fruit flavors, and contains less sugar than ice cream thereby
making it a healthier option.

3. Planet Yogurt features more than 20 flavors, with more to come, as well as over 30
toppings which are exclusive to Planet Yogurt.

4. The flavors are carefully thought up & tested by a nutritionist & flavorologist to get
the perfect tasty recipe.

5. All the product is made on site at the back end of the store – therefore it’s always

6. The toppings are carefully selected to inject the FUN aspect – to bring out the child
in anyone, as well as to keep it HEALTHY with nature’s candy (fruit) & TASTY with
wide variety of treats to pick from. All toppings are 100% halal.

7. It is still a fairly new concept in the market; however an instant hit with a large number of Samplers.

Here are some flavor suggestions:

● Coffee/Original Tart: This is what a trophy sounds like. Award yourself, you absolute winner you with some brownie cubes. Available at: Nyali.

● Vanilla/Mango: It is called Manilla, top it up with some MnMs and caramel truffles, and find out why. Available at: Nyali.

● Tropical Mix/Original Tart: top it off with chocolate sprinkles and some strawberries, and get your fix. Available at: Junction & Galleria.

● Chocolate/Coconut: Ever tried Coconut? No? Well try chocolate and get crunchy with some Oreo toppings Available at: Village Market & Nyali.

● *Strawberry/ Pistachio: Strawstachio, with some fresh fruity berries, in a NUTSHELL Available at: Junction, Sarit & Nyali.

The low down on FroYo – Fun Facts

8. Frozen yogurt is a soft dessert made from sweetened flavored yogurt. Did you know that FroYo also has a variety of cosmetic benefits? Zinc, a basic constituent of yogurt helps make skin appear vibrant and clear. Yogurt (don’t use FroYo that’s for delicious snacking) can be used for beauty therapy. When mixed with turmeric, honey, and cucumber, yogurt can be used as a face mask. Additionally, it can serve as a hair conditioner to remedy an irritated and flaky scalp. For scalp treatment, apply a generous amount of yogurt on your scalp and massage. Let it take for a few minutes, and rinse it off. When mixed with brewer’s yeast it can also be used to treat an acute case of acne. Try it!

9. FroYo is a healthier dessert alternative to regular ice-cream: This is due to the fact that Yogurt has a lower fat content than regular ice-cream. Yogurt is a dairy product made from cultured, fermented milk, and it substitutes the heavy cream content found in ice-cream, for pure milk. Conversely, ice-cream has in it more milk fat, more air, and cream. Additionally, it contains a number of artificial preservatives. Talk about guilt free indulgence!

10. Even the silent minority (all you lactose intolerant folks) can enjoy FroYo: This is due to the fact that during the culturing process (the manner in which yogurt is made) the live active cultures create lactase, which is the enzyme that lactose intolerant people lack. The fact that yogurt is cultured makes it much easier to be digest than milk. Although lactose free ice-cream exists, frozen yogurt is a superior alternative to this. You didn’t know that, now did you?

11. FroYo takes extra special care of your heart: Livestrong.com explains that this is due to the fact that it has the capacity to convert fiber into healthy fats that that promote good cholesterol levels. Consequently, this helps to increase levels of healthy cholesterol called high density lipids, and decrease levels of low density lipids. The site adds that this effect can help to decrease the risk of cardiac (pertaining to the heart) diseases among them: Atherosclerosis (the hardening or the narrowing of the arteries), high blood pressure, and high cholesterol. See? FroYo only wants to take care of you.

Planet Yogurt – The Brand:

12. Is a Kenyan brand. It was created mainly to target the family audience. Their main target audience is families – with females as the main drivers: Females across all ages – pre-teens dragging dad & mom, teens taking boyfriends, young Adults & moms taking kids & the dad.

13. Currently, Planet Yogurt has 5 branches across Kenya – Junction Mall, Village Market, Naivas Square Nyali, Galleria Mall and the newest is at Sarit Centre. There’s also a branch in Uganda in a town called Bugolobi.

14. Studies show that the audience likes to have the self serve model, variety of flavors & toppings. Upon entry into the market, PY enjoyed great traction in the market & high sales as it was the first of it’s kind. After sometime, its popularity slumped as any “fadistic”brand would, however 2014 saw it get a new lease on life and re-entered the market with a bang.

15. As a brand – they strive to uphold their three values – Healthy, Tasty & Fun – at all times.

Fun facts by Vera Njambi.

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