Kenya Film Commission launches Eastern Africa Film and TV international event


kenya film commission

The Kenya Film Commission (KFC) yesterday launched a major Eastern Africa Film & TV international event. The event is to bring together under the same roof, 3 main sub-events, a B2B (Business to Business) Eastern Africa Film & TV Trade Show, an International Film Festival and the annual Kalasha Film & TV Awards.

KFC is partnering with the French Embassy to coordinate the event.

“The primary objective of the event is to showcase Kenya as a major regional hub for Film and TV production, post-production and distribution across all platforms and genres while reinforcing the uniqueness of Kenya as a shooting location”, notes Lizzie Chongoti, the CEO of KFC.

The event which is a creative hub, intends to bring together players from the Eastern Africa Film and TV industry. It also offers a platform for all the players and the festival goers from the film and TV industry to meet, discuss exchange, collaborate, share stories, and develop new business opportunities.

The event will culminate in the 2015 edition of the Kalasha Film and TV awards. Some of the events activities will include market studies, master classes, film talks, innovation events, awards nights, and parties. The event is supposed to showcase and promote East African Film and companies and also to attract more international productions and deals for the East African countries. .

“We envision a space where the event community could interact, explore ideas, develop business collaborations, and stimulate the growth of the industry in the region. This promising initiative offers a space where we could celebrate the essential work accomplished by all the audiovisual professionals and look forward to a future filled with groundbreaking cultural experiences that this partnership inspires.” said Juliette Vivier, France Audiovisual Attaché for East Africa.

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