KQ CEO encourages National Rugby 7’s team to be the “pride of Africa”


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Today the Kenya National Rugby 7’s team was named. The Kenya Airways group Managing Director and CEO Mbuvi Ngunze gave a speech to encourage the team. Mbuvi Ngunze talked about how the team, who are supported by Kenya Airways have not had their A game on, they hadn’t even featured in the top 10 in the World Series standing as had been the tradition. But he said that all was not lost as the 2014-2015 season was still midway and tables can be turned. He challenged the team to put their best foot forward for the upcoming two legs and the rest of the season.

“I cannot over-emphasize the importance of team work and pulling together. This is very clearly demonstrated for us in the aviation industry. For instance, an aircraft is made of many parts and only takes off to fly when each part is in good working condition and in sync with one another. Similarly, even in our operations, teamwork plays a major role – it takes more than just the captain or CEO to make things happen. The nature of our business is that we must work as a team – from Ground Service staff to Engineers and Security team; from Pilots to Customer Service each component is essential to making you reach your destination safely. It is from these synergies that we have been able to do business. “

The KQ CEO also reiterated the commitment of Kenya Airways to support to rugby as the team’s official sponsors. He also pledged support to develop and grow rugby in Kenya. “It is our expectation that Kenya will become the pride of Africa, and indeed the whole world, on rugby pitches.”

He also talked about the management of Kenya Rugby and the expectation that there would be transparency and integrity in all dealings. He stressed that Integrity was one of the values at Kenya Airways and that in all actions and decisions they always act with rock solid integrity and expected the same from their partners.

Mbuvi Ngunze concluded by wishing the team the best in their remaining tournaments in Wellington and Las Vegas.

The squad is consists of:

1. Andrew Amonde (Captain, KCB)

2. Collins Injera (Mwamba)

3. Lavin Asego (Mwamba)

4. Daniel Sikuta (Mwamba)

5. Billy Odhiambo (Pan Africa Strathmore Leos)

6. Tonny Owuor ( Pan Africa Strathmore Leos)

7. Michael Wanjala (Pan Africa Strathmore Leos)

8. Tony Onyango (Pan Africa Strathmore Leos)

9. Oscar Ayodi (Homeboyz)

10. Bush Mwale (Homeboyz)

11. Patrice Agunda (Kenya Harlequin)

12. Felix Ayange (Kenya Harlequin)


1. Felix Ochieng’ – Head coach

2. Vuyo Zangqa – Asst. coach

3. Graham Bentz – Strength & Conditioning

4. Lameck Bogonko – Physio

5. Steve Sewe – Team manager


1. Humphrey Kayange – Injury

2. Biko Adema – Injury

3. A Lugonzo – Injury

4. Oscar Ouma – On contract (Sri Lanka)

5. Horace Otieno – On Contract (Sri Lanka)

6. William Ambaka – On Contract (SA)

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