Looking for love? Date Me Kenya might be the place to find the one!


Virtual Love

Looking for love and a relationship?

Tried dating, blind dates etc but you can’t seem to find your ideal man or woman?

Would you be open to finding the partner of your dreams online?

Yesterday at our Rotary Club of Muthaiga meeting we had an interesting speaker. Ian Isherwood of Date Me Kenya had come to talk to us about finding your match online.

There are always mixed reactions when people think about online dating. Some people think it is a pretty cool idea but some find it too impersonal. They like to meet somebody for the first time in person. Some think that online dating is a scam, a place where unscrupulous characters go to look for their next victim aka the ladies of the night who are always in cybercafes chatting up foreign men, telling them how they are totally in love.

The truth is there are many people out there looking for love or companionship but they can’t seem to find it in the circles they are in. That’s where online dating comes in. it gives you a chance to expand the area in which you can look for a suitable partner. Online dating makes life easier for those looking to date and allows them to meet matches just by clicking a button.

So what’s so special about Date Me Kenya.

Ian says the most important thing is that it is safe. Date Me Kenya tries to verify every member. They always try to get the people who have signed to come to the office for a chat or they meet them for coffee to find out more about them.

Date Me Kenya is exclusively Kenyan. You can only register if you live in Kenya and want to date here. The point is to meet online then take it offline. Because Date Me Kenya does not believe in online relationships then it is important that people are in the same location. It is not supposed to create long distance relationships. The site is supposed to encourage people to look for somebody they would date, where they can meet and flirt until they are comfortable then take it offline as soon as possible.

Date Me Kenya also charges a monthly subscription so that only serious people can join. They also have VIP membership that allows total privacy settings. The subscription money is used to monitor the site and make sure that everything is on the up and up.

It’s private. Nobody else can see you only paying members can see you. Clients are encouraged or rather have a username so that they can keep their personal information private.

Date Me Kenya controls the content on the site. Everything has to be approved. This is for the safety of the members. So even changing information has to be approved. If a member is found to be behaving badly then they will be kicked out and lose their membership fee.

Ian does not believe in online dating. He believes in meeting online and talking it offline as soon as possible where the real connections happen. Ian guarantees that you will meet at least one person you would like to date but if you haven’t in 3 months you will get another 3 months free.

Ian says that you get what you pay for. Date Me Kenya has quality members, fun features to use, algorithms which match users after answering some multichoice questions – they match compatibility, there is also security and safety, great customer care, and believes that is the best option for people looking for something serious in Kenya.

This past Saturday they had a Sushi and speed dating event with a sign up fee of 1500. They controlled the numbers to 10 ladies between the ages of 30-40 and 10 men aged 30-45. It was a fun event and everybody who came got a date.

date me Kenya

They will also be having a three date valentine’s event at the Shifteye Galley. Date Me Kenya wants to do cool events that people really want to go to. For this event they have partnered with: Magnum cream who are giving away one or two free glasses for all the speed daters, Cruz Vodka for the hot and wild bloody marys on Sunday during the movie marathon, Jumia.co.ke (prizes to give away, perfumes, watches, clothes, Uber Taxi’s (two FREE rides upto 4,000/- to and from the event using code “DATEMESHIFTEYE”)

Ian himself has used online dating. Ian who is from Mombasa came up with the idea after moving back to Mombasa after travelling the world. He started it to help people he knows to find love. He has used online dating sites on and off for around 11 years. So he understands what people are looking for. He even met his girlfriend (at the time) in UK using a social dating site. They were together for 3 years so he believes that it works.

Ian is looking to change the dating scene in Kenya. He says “I will be changing how people meet in a positive way and helping people find true, quality, relationships!”

Date Me Kenya has unique features such as their individual “DateME Ideas”, that allows each user to create their own fun date ideas; things they want to do on a date like go for a movie, music concert, coffee, group activity, sports game etc. it is supposed to be something the person would like to do on a first date. If another user likes the date idea them they can get in touch and meet offline for a date.

There are verification badges that shows members who have been certified by the site, there is also speed dating, private movie nights, quiz nights, cocktail parties etc.

There are three membership levels. The new Rafiki membership which has been launched this year is basic membership. It allows to user to try out the site. Premium Chui gives the user full access to the site and other members. VIP Simba has extra privacy settings which allow users to be incognito and they are able to hide their profiles and photos and only share with their chosen favourites. Registration takes between 30 seconds to 2 minutes.

To find out more check out the Date Me Kenya website.

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