This is why we don’t give out mobile numbers to random men


please dont interuppt me

Last week on Saturday I was minding my own business as I walked to Nailab for a chamaa meeting. This car passed me and stopped infront of me. I was going to walk on by thinking that the guy is talking on the phone or something. Only for the guy to roll down his window and tell me that he wanted to talk to me. I don’t know why I gave the guy the time of day but I stopped. He told me his name, he was with a friend of his. He told me he had noticed me walking and he admired me and wanted to get to know me.

This is usually when I tell a guy to give me his card and I will call him if I feel like it (not) or tell him if we meet again I will consider it. I was in a generous mood so I gave him my number. I shouldn’t from experience have done this but sometimes you do foolish things like give your number to a random guy who has stopped his car and flattered you.

In the next one hour he calls me and asks if we can meet. I said I was busy. He asks if I am free Sunday and I tell him I am busy. I said maybe during the week.  I then tell my friends akina Buggz79 about another such guy who did the same thing and had a red Mercedes convertible. When I finally meet the first guy (Mercedes guy) and we were going for lunch he asked me so many questions I felt I was in an interrogation. I asked the guy kwani I am in a job interview. The guy furad like a mandazi and all through lunch he refused to talk to me. Interesting lunch that one. I wondered whether the guy usually interrogated mamas like that to find out if they were gold diggers. I think he thought I should be impressed by his car (ok I admit I was at first), bling bling and the air of money. I wasn’t following his script I think of being all grateful to be in his presence and he was pissed. Anyway that was like 4 years ago and I haven’t accepted to give any random guy my number after that. Once bitten, twice chai as they say nowadays.

Anyway so this guy calls me at 5 am yesterday. I put the phone on silent. Who calls people at 5 am? It meant he was probably drunk. I knew I was going to regret giving this guy my number. He calls me at around 830. First I tell him off. Then he says he is sorry he didn’t notice the time. Then he asks if we can meet. I told him no. Then he tells me and I quote “baby my dick is hard for you!” or something like that.  I cut the phone call after telling him if that is the way he is going to talk I don’t want to listen.

So the guy has been trying to call since jana. I am ignoring his calls. I am like WTF!!! He tells me today I was drunk I don’t know what I said. If you don’t know somebody well keep the talk of your D out of a conversation. You don’t know me, you have no idea who I am. You don’t know if I have a boyfriend or a husband. I am just some random girl you liked who gave you her number and this is what you do.

This is why we do not give random guys our numbers. Because you end up getting drunk dialed in the middle of the night or when we are sleeping. Or the guy calls you when he is horny.

Guys if a woman is nice or stupid enough to give you her number don’t pull the BS above. That’s how you get blocked or how you spoil for other guys because they will never get a girl’s number because they don’t want to deal with BS.

My rant is over. As you were.

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