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Valentine’s Day is almost here and you may be wondering what to get that special woman in your life. Many women do make a big deal out of Valentine’s day but it’s because sometimes that’s the only time apart from her birthday – (which many men forget) that she gets treated special. We believe that you should treat your woman like a Queen all year around and not just at Valentines. That way she will not put so much emphasis on Valentine’s like it’s a do or die because you treat her well all year around.

Many men have fallen for the cliché of buying the woman they love or are dating the same thing other people are buying. This year be considerate and think about what she really likes. Not all women go gaga over chocolate or roses so try to find out what she likes. Here are a few ideas for the women in your life.

The girl you have just started dating.
1. Find out in advance what her expectations are. Find out if she is free on that date and ask her if she would like to do something together. Ask her if she would like to go for a movie or out for lunch. If she accepts then buy her a gift that tells her you are thinking about her. If you have been listening to her you should know what her favourite things are. If she loves books buy her a book. If she is into music get her a CD by her favourite musician. Find out what she likes and get it for her. If she is into chocolate or wine get it for her. You do not have to go over the top and buy her banquets of flowers unless you are really really into her or you have a lot of cash to burn. Here are some other tips Valentine’s for somebody you just started dating.

Your Girlfriend/wife

2. If you have a girlfriend or a wife you may not have any excuse to not get her something this valentines. The key is to understand what she likes and create a special memory around that. If she likes going to the movies take her out for the movie she has always wanted to watch. You can them take her out for dinner.

3. If you are a romantic soul then write her a romantic poem and put it on her pillow first thing in the morning. If you are not living in the same house start her day by sending her the romantic poem so that it is the first thing she reads when she gets up in the morning. Can’t write a poem to save your life? You can still get a poem from the internet or a book. Or you could send her a series of love texts throughout the day to put her into a romantic mood.

4. Book for her a session at the spa where she can get a deep tissue massage and maybe a facial. This will get her totally relaxed for the day and she will be up for a romantic night. There are many places where you can book her that spa treatment.

5. If she loves music and dancing then get her favourite CDs as a present. You can either take her out for dinner or cook her a meal at home then take her out for a concert afterwards. You can also get her favourite music and create a dance list for her to dance with you at home. Or you could let her dance for you.

6. If she loves jewelry then get her something that she will love like earrings, a necklace or bracelet. You can also get her a stylish watch. Some girls love rings but giving her a ring when you are not serious might cause you some problems because she might think that it is a promise ring.

7. If she loves art and things like portraits get her a framed portrait of the two of you together. That will be a great gift if you are living together because she can frame it. This is the kind of gift to give a woman you are in a long term relationship with. Not just a girl you met the other day. It might freak her out. For a girl who loves art but you are not in a long term relationship with you can still get her an art piece. If you are an artist it is even better you can do a portrait of her.

8. There are many women who love flowers but not necessarily cut flowers. If she is into growing things get her a rose plant. She will remember you every time she takes care of that plant. It also shows that you actually listen to her and that will win you a lot of brownie points.

9. If she loves cooking for people and especially likes to have people over to her or your house why not buy her a set of dishes or beautiful bowls. There is no woman who will ever say she has enough plates. You can also buy her an apron saying I love the chef and maybe the kitchen appliance she has always been saying she needs to get.

balck man

10. Plan a romantic candlelight picnic for her. It could be indoors or outdoors. Get her favourite bottle of wine, some chocolate covered strawberries and some of your favourite foods. If you are doing it indoors get some romantic music and play it while you eat. Afterwards, ask her to dance.

11. If you are married why not make a memory book for your partner. This especially is nice if you didn’t get a book with your pictures when you got married. Put your favourite pictures of the two of you and maybe some with your children. Write a little something under each picture about why you choose that picture. If you are poetic you can also put a line or 2 about her. This is something you can do on a computer and then have it bound. If you have a bit of money you can also send it to a publisher who can make it look professional.

12. If she is the kind of lady who loves a good mystery take time and create a scavenger hunt. You can place clues around the house that lead her to the next clue. Once she gets all the clues right then she will get instructions to get either her gift or tell her where to meet you for your Valentine’s Day activities.

13. Not everybody loves going out for dinner. If your significant other likes to have a meal at home why not have a candlelight dinner for two in the house. You can either cook for her or you can order in. Many restaurants have an option for home deliveries or you can use food apps to order your favourite meal from a restaurant. You can then watch a romantic movie. Entertainment: Romantic Comedies To Watch On Valentine’s Day


14. This valentine is happening on a weekend. This would be a great time to get away from town. There are so many beautiful places you can go. Make your reservations in time and inform her to keep the weekend free least you surprise her with a romantic getaway and she already has plans. If you have kids you can arrange for them to go for a sleepover or you could ask somebody you trust to come watch them for the weekend. You can do a one-day getaway or a two-day getaway. Here are some romantic destination getaways in Kenya.

15. If your lady loves roses then you should get her some. On each rose attach a promissory note for the things she likes like going to the movies, going for a concert, etc. when she is ready she can pull out the IOU notes and you have to fulfil the promise note you had given her.

16. Take her out to a restaurant she loves. After ordering your meal and will waiting for your dinner to come, both of you can write down your favourite memories from the past year and then you can share your lists.

17. If she is an adrenaline junkie why not take her out rock climbing, go carting or Bungee jumping. Then you can take her out for lunch or dinner. That would be a great memory for her, of you spending time with her, doing her favourite things.

18. If she is the kind of girl who loves flowers and chocolate all year round then it may still be the gift you give her this valentines.

19. If your partner is pregnant or just had a baby she may be too tired to go out. Why not cook her a romantic dinner at home, and give her a massage after dinner? You can read to her some romantic poetry or watch some movies. She will appreciate the effort. Get her something she loves like books or her favourite perfume as a gift. You can also get her some chocolates (nonalcoholic) or buy her favourite cake. You can also offer (if you have a tiny infant or children) to look after the kid/s while she goes out to the spa or take the kid/s out so that she can get some quality rest.

20. The idea is too not do the cliché things people do during valentines. Unless she absolutely loves the cliche try something new this valentines. Other presents you can give include her favourite perfume, electronics and vouchers for her favourite stores or supermarket.

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