We need leaders who put the people’s interests first


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“Leadership – leadership is about taking responsibility, not making excuses.” Mitt Romney

A while back I read somewhere that leaders are always distinguished from the crowd and others want to be like them. This got me thinking about the leadership that we have as a country, at times it’s like you are watching the activities of mad men and women in the society. I thought leadership was about the people you serve and not serving your own interests.

Yesterday as I was watching the news I saw that some governors were complaining that they were not involved in the procurement of the health equipment’s and they should have been consulted. And I thought if the person who had to travel to Kenyatta Hospital to get the treatment, has the same sentiments or cared whether or not the leaders were consulted. I am sure they don’t because just coming to Kenyatta Hospital is a big financial and emotional drain to most patients.

Yes probably the procurement was not done in the right manner but first appreciate that necessary equipment has been purchased for your county. I wish there will come a time where the needs of the common mwananchi will come first on the list of priorities for politicians and not their own selfish interest.

It is two years to election and some county governments have still not done anything for their county, yet every year they receive funding from the national government. The other day the shocking development records of the county governments were in the papers. I wish one day leaders would decide to fulfill the promise that they made to the citizens and I am sure in the next election they won’t need to do a lot of convincing as their work would speak for them.

We need to feel that we are members of this country and not just visitors, so I believe it’s about time the leaders show us their worth, not in terms of money but development wise. Otherwise they should quit as they are not developing the country and are derailing our development agenda.

Opinion piece by Minnie Kang’ethe

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