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They say live your fantasies don’t imagine them. Pretty interesting video by Durex

Valentines was this past weekend and people were bringing up in the heat. Top on everybody’s mind was who would pay 2.5 million just to make their valentine date go gaga at Villa Rosa Kempinski with their night of Diamonds. Everybody was telling you how to make your date feel special on Valentines by buying them wine, flowers, dinner, lunch, helicopter rides etc. But nobody was telling you how to take it a notch higher in the bedroom. Well except Durex.

Durex is a brand that wants you to get your romance on and take it to the bedroom to take things to a whole new level. On Friday Durex launched their Valentine’s Day activation themed “#50GamesToPlay”. The theme of the party was to inspire couples to try something different to heat up the passion.

Durex launched a handbook of sex tips called, “#50GamesToPlay Guide”. The book is authored by Dr Susan Quilliam who is a sex and relationship expert for Durex. The book guide offers innovative games and other inspiring ideas to help couples inject some fun into their love lives.

Durex carried out a research in UK (and Durex Kenya says the data is fairly representative of Kenya) on people’s love lives. The research found that for more then a third of the respondents it has been more then a year since they tried something new in sexual situations.

It also seems that adult fiction turns 63% of the respondents on and gets them all hot and ready for sex. But only 40% who have had a sexual fantasy have ever acted it with their partners. 47% wished that their partners would be more open about their fantasies.

People are also twice as likely to read books in bed then have sex (good for the publishers but bad for their partners). The study also shows that couples on average have sex 3 times a month down from 5 times a month. Although 65% of people polled prefer reality to the lure of fiction it seems it hasn’t motivated them enough to make love more.

It seems only 43% of respondents considered themselves to be playful in bed which is why the Durex book would help them explore more options. Especially as only 28% said they would be embarrassed to share a fantasy or sex game idea with their partner. It seems 17% would not mind role playing and 10% wouldn’t mind trying a pleasure gel. So it seems that people would like to try out their fantasies but are afraid to tell their partners.

Well maybe this is a chance for you to get the book and tell your partner what you would like to try out. Then you cannot be asked the suspicious question “where did you learn to do this because we have never done it before together?

If you would like to find out more about the #50GamesToPlay Guide go to Durex Kenya Facebook page.

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