Monday motivation: How to be successful and increase your earning potential


mondayMonday is here again but instead of nursing the Monday blues let me give you some motivation. I watched this video at the end of December 2014 and it has been an inspiration. Let it inspire you to do more and be more.

In this video Brian Tracy talks about 4 principles that will help you achieve your goals, not just your resolutions for this year but your long-term goals.

Goals. Brian Tracy talks about setting 10 clear goals that you want to achieve this year. Then look at the one goal that will have the greatest positive impact. Start with that one.

Manage your skills. what one skill will help you achieve this goal? Focus on this one skill. Look at the people around you who earn the kind of money you want to earn. What skills do they have? Acquire skills that will help you achieve your goals.

Manage your time. Plan everyday in advance. What will give you the highest return on energy? List everything you have to do that day. Which one item would have the most value? Do that.

Start and complete your most important task every day. In the military the first thing they teach you is to always make your bed in the morning. It teaches recruits to always start and compete a task first thing in the morning. After awhile this becomes a habit. You need to learn to start and complete one task before doing anything else. that should be your most important task.

Earning power. if you want to increase your earning power you need to learn and apply new skills. skills plus ability = results. If you are constantly learning and applying new skills then you will increase your earning power. Because learning new skills increases your value percentage and when you create more value your earning power value increases.

To recap set clear goals, get skills that will allow you to achieve these goals, manage your time and then start and complete one task (the most important one)before you do anything else. Then you will increase your earning power by learning and applying new skills.

The video is very insightful. Watch it and also share with your friends.

Brian Tracy

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