Time for the other TV stations to rise up and shine #DigitalMigration


digital migration

It was a shocker when there was a TV black out on Saturday after the continuous advertisements from the three stations on the situation. And then the media houses sent out a press statement which they posted on their social pages. It was a long one but now this one made me laugh as I thought to myself are they been honest?

“…… we regret the inconvenience caused by the unfortunate developments arising entirely from the gross mishandling of the digital migration process by the Communications Authority and other forces. The three media houses have been and will always remain committed to digital migration and we are doing everything possible to get your channels back on air”

The media houses have known of this matter for some time and it makes me wonder if they regret anything or if the consumers are their concern at any particular time. As the case is in court, the 3 media stations say that Article 34 of the constitution has been violated to their detriment and maybe it is true or not true depending on which side you are. But it’s not like the government started the talk on the migration the other day, the digital migration is a process that has been going on for years. This was something that the media houses knew for a long time.

The migration to Digital Television broadcasting is a Government initiative resulting from the decision made at the Regional Radio Conference of 2006 in Geneva, Switzerland (RRC-06) and so this has nothing to do with politics as some people claim. And just maybe if the media houses had used the time they had to educate and inform the citizens and what it is all about then maybe most Kenyans would not be angry with them.

In my crisis communication class, I learnt in every crisis there is always an opportunity to rise up. And it about time the other TV stations grab the opportunity. StarTimes and Go TV has Ebru Africa TV, 3Stones, NjataTV, Kingdom TV, Aviation TV and many more which will keep us entertained. Maybe by the time the three stations decide to be part of the program we won’t be able to take our eyes from these stations.

Opinion by Wacuka Kangethe.

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