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Safaricom International Jazz Festival is coming up this weekend. I don’t know about you but I am excited. I can’t wait for the great music and performances, the dancing and the sideshows, everything that makes the Safaricom International Jazz Festival so spectacular.

Jonathan Butler is the headline act. Other acts at the Safaricom Jazz Festival include Swahili Jazz Band, Isaiah Kutumwa (Uganda), Soweto Kinch (UK), Nicolas Kummet Voices (Belgium), Tomer Bar Trio (Israel), Ack Van Rooyen & Juraj Stanik (Netherlands). There will also be a special performance by Jimmy Dludlu.

I am also excited because this year I get to give out free tickets to the most awesome concert of the year. You may not know this but all proceeds go to the Ghetto Classics program in Korogocho that trains young budding musicians.

I could give away two pair of tickets but I want you to support the Ghetto Classics program by getting one ticket and buying your plus one another ticket. So you will only be able to win yourself one ticket.

All you have to do is write in the comments section which performance you are looking forward to at the Safaricom International Jazz festival. So I am looking for the 4 best answers to get 4 tickets. Winners will be announced on Friday the 20th.

Tickets for the concert are going for Ksh. 1000 and students tickets are going for Ksh. 300. Remember gates open at 11 and performances start at 1230.

Good luck.

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  1. It was incredible to watch Jimmy Dludlu perform in the last Safaricom International Jazz Festival, so I’m looking forward to his performance on Sunday.
    I am also looking forward to the performance of the brilliant Jazz pianist Juraj Stanik.
    And of course like every other Jazz fan out there, I would hate myself for an eternity if I missed Jonathan Butler’s performance.
    PS: I bear no relation to this talented soul, my family lineage has talents in other areas, like listening for instance.

  2. jazz is an amazing genre of music and the fact tat at the festival you get to see amazing acts its definately a must go. Can’t wait to see Jonathan Butler, Eddie Grey ,Swahili Band and eager to see what Nile project has in store for us. it will be an awesome way to end the month in style

  3. Being a jazz enthusiast, I want to keep the jazz momentum on going even after the Safaricom Jazz Festival. It is for this reason that I would like to go witness our very own SWAHILI JAZZ BAND so as to appreciate our local jazz talent even after the festival. Listening live to the amazing guitarist JIMMY DLUDLU will also be an honor since his songs have always moved me whenever I listen to then. JONATHAN BUTLER is another amazing artist I would like to go listen to. Grant me this honor and make me part of the great audience at the festival

  4. SAFARICOM JAZZ 2015..Wooow first things first AFRICAN PERFOMANCES talk of the perfomances I can’t wait to see JIMMY DLUDLU this maestro is truely a perfomer more of a legend his skills on that guitar on stage is just UNBELIEVABLE a true proof of MASTERED SKILL.Second on the list is Uganda’s very own Isaiah katumwa his skills on that saxophone are just overboard,his passion while playing the saxophone is revealed naturally no wonder his fanbase is strong talk of QUALITY JAZZ MUSIC his are just not the ordinary jazz but jazz hits worth listening to over and over.And finally but not the last JONATHAN BUTTLER the days main act.Can’t wait to hear the GREAT MUSICIANS smooth music.Haven’t heard of the swahili jazz band,Soweto Kinch(UK) and the other jazz acts who will make this event one worth remembering a ticket to this event wilk give me this chance of a lifetime jus what I need to end and the same time begin the week in a unique rememberanle relaxing note It would be my pleasure if you would make my desire to be part of this Unique Fun and Interactive FESTIVAL BE…..!!

  5. Quite greedy but I’m looking forward to quite a number, first the main act of course, Butler is quite acclaimed in this lovely genre, Isaiah Katumwa, got his album “Another step” , it would be lovely to watch and hear him live, Jimmy Dludlu, can’t wait to watch him come alive again on stage, he was quite amazing in December and finally the Swahili jazz band, unfortunately didn’t manage to catch them while on stage during the December edition