Strength of a Woman – Movie review


Strength of a woman is the story of two women, a mother and daughter. Julia is a teenager who is about to sit her final exams but who struggles to be able to go to school because she is always being sent home for fees arrears . Her mother is a farmer and market hawker who sells things in the market tries her best to support Julia. The thorn in the flesh is Julia’s alcoholic father who keeps taking the money for Julia’s fees to buy alcohol and even beats up Julia’s mother for trying to refuse him from taking money that is meant for Julia’s fees.

This is the story of domestic and emotional abuse at the hands of an abusive father. It is also the story of a mother’s determination to make sure her child gets the best out of life and does not repeat the same mistakes she made. Julia’s mother is determined that no matter what Julia will go to school and succeed in life. This is also the story of a young girl forced to grow up beyond her years as she tries to help her mother make enough money to feed their household as her father abdicates his parental responsibilities and spends all their money at the bar.

Strength of a Woman is not a real life story but based on true life events. It shows how women stay in abusive relationships to make sure their children are taken care of but sometimes something happens to break the camel’s back. It is an interesting film to watch as you ask yourself why does Julia’s mother stay in such a relationship. The same question we ask when our friends or aunties or relatives or even mothers stay in an abusive relationship. It is a movie that gives you the audience a chance to ask yourselves some hard questions. Hopefully after watching the movie you will decide to take action on domestic violence and also talk to people affected by it.

In the end strength of a woman is about having the strength to move on despite difficult circumstances and making a stand about domestic violence.

The film is well shot and it has a great plot. The actors have done a great job in communicating the emotions of their characters. The scenery is also excellent and very realistic. The music chosen for the film was also appropriate. There were a few issues with consistency in the film but this can be explained by the fact that the production lost some footage after a carjacking and it is even a miracle they were able to put the film together after the set backs they have had.


Strength of a Woman premieres on 5th March, 2015 to coincide with the International Women’s day weekend. It will be showing at the Prestige Plaza Planet Cinemas and will be showing all weekend.

The film won 5 awards during the 2014 Kalasha Awards for Best Feature Film, Best Director, Best Actress, Best Lighting and Best Original Score. Some of the actors include Rose K. Njoroge, Laura Leila Wingate, Ashford Kirimi and Sandra Dhacha.

VIP tickets are Ksh. 3000. Advance tickets are Ksh. 2000 and Ksh. 2500 at the gate.

You can get tickets at or Prestige Planet Cinemas Ngong Road.

The film is written and edited by Manasseh M. Chege; Directed by Gilbert Lukalia; Produced by PickPoint Productions.

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